Saturday, April 10, 2010


good morning everyone, today is the day before my dd birthday. the last child i gave birth to she is going to be 26 years old tomorrow

26 years wow how time has flown and i aam saddened by how fast she and my son grew up but such is life.
i am trying to decide if i should bake her a cake today or buy one anyone have any suggestions? i don't mind baking and the cakes are usually pretty good but today i am actually feeling semi human again so don't know if i want to use my spoons up baking but then again is her birthday sigh decisions decisions hehe
So is april 10th we are almost half way thru the month and what do we have to show for it
LOTS OF RAIN and SNOW in the mountains
but we need it since had less than normal precipitation this winter(or so they say seems like it rained constantly to me )
today is the daffodil parade i remember going to see the parade when i was young now there is no way i can and they don't televise it anymore either so will miss it totally makes me sad.
Went to the doc yesterday for my meds, he said to stop taking zyrtec and try clariton so did and my nose stopped running hehe also told him my pain is getting worse but not ready to try anything else if he wanted to change the meds i DO have as they at least help some.
Joined a new group on ravelry its called chronic stitchers and i LOVE it, thanks kim for starting it its a fun and comforting place to be. so if anyone suffers from chronic pain or illness and want a good place to hang out come join us there
here is the link you DO have to belong to ravelry but its free and a wonderful place to meet new friends and also visit with old friends
Well am off to figure out the rest of my day hope ya all have a wonderful day filled with sunshine and rainbows(even if cruddy picture this in your mind you will be suprised how good it makes you feel) hugs and love to all vicki

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