Friday, June 11, 2010

drunk drivers and why they deserve to be put im prison

last night on the news i heard a story that broke my heart. 3 young men in the cusps of life ready to graduate on saturday from decater high school in federal way washington were struck while their car was disabled on the side of the road by a drunk driver , and 2 of the boys died. one at the scene one later at the hospital, and while many people will look at this and say thats sad but it happens, yes it does but it SHOULDN'T have happened this time. The man who hit them and totally destroyed 3 families lives forever had 2 prior convictions for dui. yet he continued to drink and this time it cost 2 young men their lives. they were sons,grandsons, brothers, cousins boyfriends and friends to many people, yet this happened once again and why? can anyone tell me that? can anyone tell me why the laws in this state care more for the person who commits a crime and gets a slap on the wrist so he can go out and do it again? does anyone know the answer? is there one? it would be so nice for there to be a answer to give these families but there isn't, we need tougher drunk driving laws people who just go out and get blitzed and then have NO care of anyone , not even themselves, of course none of that matters now these young men are dead forever gone but not forgotten. god bless you the families of nick hodgins and derek king rip guys, you i know will be missed by so many and loved by all who knew you, as for you mr drunk driver i hope you rot in hell for the things you did to these families if you want to read more about it at here is the link
laws need to be changed and people need to stop and think what their actions can cause, rip guys

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