Thursday, January 7, 2010

another decade

well we started another year and another decade. this last 10 years have been a mixed batch of emotions. as the new century came in we often worried what will happen will everything shut down when the computers went to 2000 from the 1999's we all stressed worried and wondered and then nothing happened. what a relief all the pre preparation was done well and nothing major happened. of course we did not realize it but this was because the original terrorist attack we would have suffered on us soil was thwarted by a border guard in port angelas washington having seen something suspision in this person they detained him and found that he had a trunk full of explosives thankfully he was thwarted as he had plans to blow up LAX (losangeles international airport) so the year started good, for me anyways it was bitter sweet i had just lost one of my best friends in the whole world and that was my sweet neighbor rosie i loved her like a grandmother and she loved me right back i to this day STILL miss her so as the year progressed we were all excited as was our sons high school graduation coming up had a huge party planned over 100 people were coming then tragedy struck my dd and i were rear ended on june 7th 2000 and this started the decade of pain as i call it. to shorten it and not bore you i will tell you that it was not easy for our family as i was hurt pretty darn bad and had to have not one but 2 surgerys on my spine. not going into it as many of you already know it and its ancient history . anyways during these 10 years our family suffered many losses both of our parents both died lost aunts and uncles cousins who died to young and i can go on forever. but the point is everytime i think that things can't get worse they do.we had many things happen the worst was 9/11 where those cowards attacked and killed so many innocent people and changed our world forever, then thru the years more and more things happened people were lost people were born life slowly moved forward. can we honestly say that we wish this decade never happened? if we did then where would we all be without our kids grandkids ect. life moves ahead wether or not we do, what i think the worst of it all in my community was the sensless death and murders of 5 police officers and why? because they could, rest in peace officers you know you will always be part of our community i am slowly working on sq for the comfortghans and will post pics wen i am done with it them all

thus now we are fast forwarded to 2010 a new decade. i after talking to many of my friends and yarn sisters online decided that this is the year we are going to help others and maybe enrich our lives a bit better can you think how can i help well there is alot of ways make a new friend i made one at the craft store one day today we had lunch and i showed her how to work on her crochet it was a fun day melody, i really enjoyed it too, we will have lots of fun times together now we have found each other.
as for what i was saying earlier why not do something good to help someone else. right now am working on the comfortghans for 6 police officers families who lost their mom or dads something they can hold and know people care i am getting help from a few people and when more come i will certainly let ya all know. today jody who is a good friend also(i make the best friends online) sent me 9 sq 3 in red 3 in white and 3 in blue. woohoo i think now i might be close enough to having 2 done and put together as i am getting more and more, also my dear friend kathy from the mania is making me some she has 10 done so far, miss kitty sent 2 and am waiting for others to arrive to know what i have left and need to do keesha is even making sq and they look awesome thanks sweetie.

i look back on the last 10 years and can honestly say they were the most trying and diffucult in my life and thats alot, yet i made it thru and not only did i make it thru i learned alot, before 2001 i never had or wanted a computer. now i have mine i can not do without(well i could but would sure miss ya all) while there are alot of bad people out in cyber space(and i have been used by a few of them i have learned my lesson though trust me)for every bad person i like to think there is at least 4 good people, i truly am blessed by all of you as you read this in whatever time zone your in god bless all of you remember to do for others as you wish they would you. remember for every wrong, there is a right, and last but not least remember that if you need a friend be one and know if your reading this you are MY friend hugs to you all and a welcome to a better new year and a new decade love vicki


Ghost said...

Checking in on everyone and leaving a note as I go.

vicki said...

good to see you ghost always glad to hear from my friends hugs vicki

Ghost said...

I know this is going to be a better year for you and I am so sorry for your losses.

vicki said...

thank you ghost i hope is a better year for everyone hugs

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