Saturday, January 9, 2010

i HATE VISTA operating system

ok i have had it with this stupid computer i am about ready to throw it out the window yesterday i uploaded the latest version of firefox mozilla well instead of making my computer work better it shot it all to the devil and now i can only get online in safe mode which of course limits me in so many things i am doing. i want to know from you my readers how many of you have vista and how many have the new windows 7 and if you like it any better. i have had mixed reviews as for how people like vista all i know is there is softwear glitch after softwear glitch and am darn sick of it ok now i vented you can all go to sleep as its almost 2 am here in the pacific standard time. ackkkkkkkkkkkkk is all i can say tomorrow will have to sweet talk my son into figuring out what the heck is wrong with the computer and why it keeps crashing)(although there is a sign up on the board for like 20 seconds an eventually i MIGHT get to read the entire thing and figure it out for myself anyways anyway want to make a guess as to how long THAT might take? thought not ok off to dream land goodnight bloggers sweet dreams and until tomorrow gnight


Ghost said...

I have a mac but also a windows with vista and I hate the vista.

Deneen said...

I hated Vista at first, but now prefer it and also prefer the Firefox. The only issue I have is sometimes after updates, I have to fix the google toolbar for gmail and reader buttons.

Also, I loaded Stitchin' fonts the other night and had to load it through IE (I have both browsers loaded up) and I loathe using IE. Vista is better (I can't believe I am saying that, this from someone who wanted to downgrade to XP when I got this laptop). Now XP confuses me. Email me if you need help.

Anonymous said...

well I have vista and have no problems I am aware of right now anyway. Perhaps everything started when you downloaded the other thing. Jean

vicki said...

thanks deneen, lon was able to fix it thankfully and just uninstalled firefox i too loath ie but is all that wants to work with it now it seems sigh love the new windows 7 dd has it on her computer and she loves it said is so much nicer than vista i have had nothing but problems with this computer and vista so will be glad to get rid of it i LOVED xp had no problem at all with it thanks for any offers of help cause will probbaly be asking soon hugs

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