Wednesday, January 27, 2010

mid week aka hump day

today is wendsday also known as hump day why who knows is just one of those wierd things people say lol

well this weekend marks the end of the bedroom cleaning/destashing /getting rid of a ton of stuff can i do it? i hope so as i have a nice computer desk and printer set up riding on it, so while "hump" day s are tradionally suppose to go fast this one is slow mainly because i am haha. going to get myself some breakfast soon and get my rear in gear, soon will be headed out to the other house as dd has to get her brakes done and i have a eye appointment at 11 so not alot of time to finish here today so may come back after eye exam and work for a hour or so. surely do need to finish so tomorrow is dedicated to doing just that not a whole lot left to do but enough i want to get it done by friday so don't have to work on it sat and sunday as that is my self imposed deadline. think i can do it? OF COURSE i can. sent a ton of yarn out and hoping to get my payments for shipping back soon from those who are sending them not worried about it , just would be nice to have in checking. oh well what will be will be

can not believe how fast the time is flying by feburary will be here before you know it and then march,april, may and then finally woohooo SUMMER TIME, well just thought i would pop in and say hi has been a while since i posted so will chat again soon hugs to all vicki

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Anonymous said...

You can do it!!!!!!!! Jean

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