Thursday, September 30, 2010

hello all of my blog readers

im sorry has been such a long time since i posted, life has a way of getting into my space and time.

a big hello to all who follow, i have been busy once again working on the craft room from hell .

i need about 4 days all alone which i can lay things out and then decided what to keep and what to get rid of and then decide who to give it to.

i am going to share with the women prisoners at the womens prison at purdy. they make things for their family for gifts and have to supply their own yarn, this is something i can help with they will be able to use the yarn and make things for family and friends for gifts which i think is awesome so am happy to help will have help with this by a new friend i met on ravelry she said would be happy to take it to them which saves me a ton of work and travel time as this friend lives close to there.

well tomorrow i hit the big 54 my dd and i are going to go out to lunch and then tomorrow night will have dinner at the kids and my son said pressies woohoo i love pressies. i have already gotten some birthday greetings even though it was ahead of time and i loved them all and those who sent them to me tytytytytytytyty

back pain is getting worse i sooo wish i could get a job that would help with bills and medical premiums, i KNOW dh wants to retire asap we had talked about him waiting till he was 62 which is only 2 more years from now, i can not believe he will not wait knowing how much it will cost us 1500 x 14 months is alot of money and thats IF i can keep what i have, which is doubtful for the first year yes but after that i have to have ins that will cover my medical issues and prescriptions when he retires his net pay now will be his gross pay for retirement until we get social security which he can get at 62 as well as i can as his dependant and being disabled i qualify course if things keep going the way they are now in 5 years there WON'T be any social security or so frustrated can you tell?

i'm worried about mojo have not seen him for a week now he may be coming and eatting when im not watching but lately tried to just catch a glimps of him but he seems to have vanished along with poor old midnight.

that poor old cat was coming to eat every single day and i have not seen him around since last week in fact was same day mojo was here now i think of it that REALLLLLY worries me, have checked the web page of the animal control and everywhere i can think of mojo please come home i miss you and love you

well gonna scoot for now here are a few pics to entertain you all

tonight been playing with my fur kids. for some reason they all wanted to pick on sherbi poor little guy okok im going lol till i blog again(and will try hard to do so soon) ciao


Anonymous said...

Hi Vicki!

Missing you much and thinking of you today. I hope that your back starts to feel better soon. That's awful that you got hurt and the place doesn't care other than to try to brush it under the carpet!

May your kitty wander back soon, and your husband not permanently too soon! ;)


Anonymous said...

Hi Vicki,
Your prayer for Bunjie sure did the trick. Thank you for helping him to come home. I've prayed for Mojo and haven't seen an update. I hope all is okay. It sure is awful when they disappear. We've lost a lot of our ferals and it kills another piece of our hearts every time one goes missing. I'm keeping you in prayer and hope since you're another chosen to look after these wonderful, somewhat surreal creatures.

vicki said...

hi we found mojo and midnight both had decided to find other homes away from us. as long as they are happy and being taken care of it is all that matters and both seem to be doing great. thanks for your love prayers and concern i am so glad bunjie came home i worry about all of the cats especially the ferrill colonys. do you have a pasada rescue group near you they are the ones who has helped me so much with snickers and her 5 babies found them all homes spayed and nuetered and took good care of them for me for which i am forever greatful without them so many more kittys would have been born as snickers was also the one who had liter after liter and we could not catch her but finally did thanks for caring for those who cant for themselves hugs and love vicki

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