Thursday, September 16, 2010

this week sucked

this week totally sucked. i started out tuesday on a lovely note, was headed out to best buy to get a couple dvd's for the kids then was suppose to go to the dentist when i started the car i thought nothing of it, cloney came into the yard(neighbors cat) so i opened the door of the car got out to move him, because he was laying in the middle of the driveway so got the little bugger to move headed back to my car, and the door shut. im like oh no biggie can open it right? NOT the damn thing locked on me, how i dont know but i did it so here is my car running in the yard and i have no way to get in and shut it off. thankfully dd was home and she got the keys from her dad and brought them to me ................ sigh..............

so then i decided to indulge in some retail therapy and went to tuesday morning got some awesome deals and will be posting some in my etsy store soon, then headed out to the kids and remembered i needed to get my meds, so got them stopped at the grocery store(not saying which one right now) and had gotten some grocerys was headed back from the frozen food aisle and i slipped in some fort of liquid and if not for my cart i would have fallen. as it was i wrenched my back and its still hurting. the manager was atotal jerk didnt even seem to care i was hurt, didnt ask if i was ok if i needed medical help anything didnt make out a accident report nothing. so yesterday went to the store asking if they would make a report out, i said i was hurt and they acted like i was faking it, i saw the boy who had cleaned the spill up and said he saw it, so then they decided to believe me, the guy asked me if i had fallen and i said no the cart caught me, he laughed and said something to the line oh the cart caught your fall thats wonderful then LAUGHED, i said gee it might even be funny if i wasnt HURT total jerk tried to get into docs today but he is booked till monday so will see him then what a day totaly sucked hope today is better hugs vicki

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