Wednesday, September 1, 2010

morning all i hope you are all having a good week. today is wednesday and i am more than ready for the weekend to come(even though it means dh will be home)

he went back to work after almost 6 weeks off and if this is a prelude to retirement i am sooooooo going to look for a job or something can't deal with him 24/7 for that long.

joined several swaps on ravelry such a nice place and most people on there are awesome, met a few who were users but not to many and since i have cut the ones out of my life that are users i feel so much better.

still going thru my yarns and will be putting some up for sale also patterns lots of good deals coming soon so come back and check often, going to try and get the items listed by the middle of the month so please check and see if there is something you want. am willing to ship international but payment must be made by paypal, domestic i will wait for a money order but i need to have it paid paypal im sure you understand with the rate difference in all countries but am willing to ship international no problem

hope ya all have a wonderful day and a great weekend hugs all love vicki

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