Thursday, October 28, 2010

hello all

hi everyone thought i would say a great big happy halloween to those who follow. i am busy making baby clothes have 2 cousins that are having babies in the next couple of months so am busy making baby blankets and baby clothes hehe not saying what as i dont want anyone to see what it is until its done hehehehehehehe hope you all are having a wonderful day. today was hard but i made it thru went and paid out taxes sheesh the county owns you lock stock and barrel it seems like, then went to costco then came home and made chicken soup and biscuits dh loved it said was very good but different well of course it is different i have not made soup in so long not even funny lol is good though hot chicken soup and home made biscuits what a combination lol yummmmmmmmmmmm off to have some oh added eggs too so had chicken and egg soup bewahahahahahaha if those who say ick try it i bet you will love it till later hugs vicki

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