Sunday, October 7, 2007

scary day

yesterday something awful happened in pierce county washington, the atlas foundry where they make alot of different things(not sure exactly what they do but know it has to do with casting metals ect.) but back to the reason for this posting. hubby and i were headed out for our satueday afternoon date(every sat we try and have a just us date) we couldn;t understand where all the traffic was coming from, so we switched to another road which was worse yet. as we were turning around to find a diff way to the resteraunt, we heard this loud explosion and saw a huge fireball in the sky, oh sh*t we said what was that. i told him i wondered if it had anything to do with atlas as they pretty much are the only thing in that area of town its been in business for over 100 years i believe the news said. what happened no one knows, except somehow a truck filling a propane tank somehow caught fire and blew up. the truck driver is in critical condition tonight the news asked the hosipital and there has been no change. what astounds me is the force of that explosion lifted the semi truck up and blew the axles off of it, throwing it thru the sky towards hwy 16 which is a good 150 feet away. and what REALLLLLY astounds me is that no one was hurt from this truck axle and tires landing on hwy 16. on a sat afternoon when normally that section of freeway is packed. all i can say is god must have had a guardian angel with that truck driver, realisticly he should be dead, but so far god willing he is alive and we pray he remains alive. here is a link if you all want to see what i am talking about
i am asking any of you who pray to pray for the injured as well as the employees. i can't imagine going back to work there after seeing what can happen. is astounding to me that no one was killed. i added mr Mcdonald to my churches pray chain, and am asking all of you who has one to also do that. ,
soooo then we finally got to the restaurant and omgosh talk about slow service, food was good but pricey and i had to go to the counter to order my own food. we had gone to katie downs before and use to be a nice place, is still nice but different ya know, so doubt we will go back there.hubby had one beer and it cost him almost 5.00 for a pint of microbrew. he is still ranting about how much to this evening lol
he needs to get over it lol,
fall is here for sure, weather is hard to take this early in the season, the weather people are predicting that tuesday the 10th we are going to have a stronger than normal wind storm, what that means no one knows how strong it is it will be although now they are saying it may stay off the coast. what is so ironic is back in 1962 i believe it was, we experianced the strongest winds ever recordered , was what has become known as the columbus day storm . winds of excess of over 100 mph tore up the entire west coast from california to washington
i remember this storm very well as i was only 6 years old. my folks had gone to reno and we had stayed with a neighbor, well it was the weekend and my grandma asked if i could come an stay with her until mom and daddy got home, the neighbors said yes so gramps came and picked me up, that night it started getting really windy and i was scared spitless lol, so you know what my sweet grams did, she asked me to bake ginger bread cookies which we did and to this day i bake them on columbus day, and we enjoy themj here is hopin g they are wrong about it being bad,. till next time i bid you adeu hugs and loves

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