Monday, October 8, 2007

craft room

well update as of sunday oct 8th, i now have about 1/3 of it done and moving forward, hubby gave me till the 22. which is 14 more days, think i can make it. i am sure hoping togoing tocause i realllly want that sewing machin have a poll, so vote away, i think i will have a contest too, think of your reasons and in 50 words or less tell me why you think i can do it and maybe there will be some nice suprise(there will be for sure !!!) so for now i best go to bed so i can be all rested up and raring to go lol


Anita said...

What are you working on?

As far as 50 words or less to encourage you to complete it... You make such beautiful things and assuming this is a crochet project, it's also a cliff hanger for your fans until it's complete and you post pictures!

vicki said...

oh shoot i guess i didn't make myself understood sorry hon no what i am doing is cleaning out my stash. hubby wants the house back lol and i have my yarn and material EVERYWHERE> soo i have been lagging in getting this done and he decided to give me a incentive. so now i have until the 22nd of october to get the room cleaned out yarn gotten rid of (sob) and material if necesarry(more sobs) and right now am just plum tuckered out, so i need a cheer squad to help me stay motivated. so in 50 words or less, tell me how i am going to complete this and if any pointers they are more than welcome. sorry hon and thank you soooo much for your wonderful words, today am a bit down and you made my day now,resting a bit then am back to the grind stone back permitting. which is why i was giving the yarn away before. but now i really need to just do it and not worry about getting paid postage then mailing ect. if you are interested in anything though i could be made to change my mind hehe. i am sorry have not been on your blog lately. haven;t been on anyones to tired hehe. thanks sweetie for your kindness and you are right in the fact i am working on something special but right now its on the back burner. hugs my friend

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