Sunday, September 30, 2007

hey ya all

hi everyone, sorry been so darn long, been super busy, hope ya all had a nice weekend i did. hubby took me out to dinner saturday for my bday which is today 10/1 i am offically middle age now i guess (snickers) i admit to being 39 hehehehe, other than that wellllllllll shhhh not telling anyone

today went over to fil and he gave me a nice present of 50.00 which was amazing coming from him, normally he don't do anything like that shocked the crud out of me

today hubby has to have his root canal so it isn't going to be much fun for him, i feel bad for him, this should not have happened , if that idiot who did the first work, had done it right then it wouldn't be where it is now. he would not have had to suffer and we wouldn't have to pay out big bucks, but what can ya do. anyways if any of you would be so kind to think good thoughts or send some prayers my toms way i would be greatful. i forgot to tell you he bought me a new pair of shoes too and let me show him the sewing machine i really wanted . once i get my stuff done. which will be soon i have to just buckle down and do it, is so darn hard though getting rid of what i consider my friends(yarns) i can always see something made from it.but then i remind myself i can also see lots of nice things made with my new sewing machine hehe

i am putting katies afghan together, started it a while ago and got back to it now,. everyone has been soooo incrediabley awesome and generous in helping me make this for her. its going to mean the world to her.

my friend joann recently had to have a masectomy(double) and she is in my prayers , wanted to ask you all to include her in how ever you worship or even send good thoughts her way.

i talked to a couple of my friends down under yesterday and the day before and they said is getting hot . it is wierd, this time of year is spring for them and we are headed into fall, yet it seems like maybe they are headed into summer and us winter. have a bad feeling is going to be a hard winter with lots of cold and snow, in fact the weather people made a comment the other day that this year is a la nina year
which means brrrrrr and get the shovels out, if it does become that way am going to go out and buy hubby a snow blower he can use here anda t work. the idiots at his office non of them have a brain to work with and maintence does nothing to help so last year he jumpe right in and cleared the areas so no one got hurt, only one who did was him, droveme nuts so snow blower it is yupppers.

tonight harvested the huge amount of tomatoes we have, before you can ask how many let me fill ya in on it, 3 big boxes and 2 collanders plumpfull of green tomotos. the good news is it will take a while to ripen(i hope), if not the good old spagettie sauce lol

also picked the corn, this is the first year we ever ever had corn ripen. as soon as hubbys mouth is better we will have to eat some at a later date.

i am trying to think of something awesome to make my kids for christmas, but so far am batting zip. any suggetions?

dd is easy as pie , ds is harder
maybe sew him a quilt like i did dd ormaybe something for his classroom.

3 more months in the year to go. what did you do in 2007 to make the world a better place, i hope i did a good enough job of helpng fil when mil passed away.

i splurged last week when i made a visit to yorkshire yarnsi had been eyeballing this hank of wonderful store filled with the softest baby alpacca. omgosh i have been enjoying playing with i, i bought some red and a light rose, and while that was a nice hunk of change i spent i figured i was worth every single dollar. am making a a stole in the pink. am using my new jimbo hook i bought, oh wait since fil gave me monry for my bday wooohoooo lol,

well ya all am going to bed, have to be up bright and early to take hubby in, take care ya all and good night hugs and love from me the birthday girl :D


WilBlg4Yrn said...


Praying all goes well with tom's root canal!

Priscilla said...

Have a Happy Birthday.

(((((HUGS)))))) sandi said...

You have soo much going on around you right now! *HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!* and I LOVE MY YARN! I left you a PM at the 'Ville telling you it arrived on my birthday~your birthday~our birthday~WOOHOOO! LOL! *THANK YOU!* (((((HUGS))))) sandi

Anita said...

Yum, home grown tomatoes! Ever make homemade tomato soup! Delish!

Sounds like you had a great 39th birthday! *grin

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