Friday, February 2, 2007

i did it hehe

tonight i finished the knitted scarf i was making. can;t decide what to do with it. i might keep it or i might sell it. not sure. am hoping to get a pic of it up soon. now on to other things, what should i make next. i am so behind on my afghan i am making and i know as soon as i get my squares that are suppose to be shipped out today i will enjoy putting the squares together, i realize most comfortghans are not put together by the one who needs them, but since its been so darn long at least if the person who sends them as she said she would would, then i will put the ghan together and think of all the love of the ones people made for me. i guess is better late than never right?, so i guess that will be the next thing i make one thing i would ask anyone who did help with this, if i don't mention your name in the posting please contact me and let me know as i realize not all who helped are still on the ville. another thing i ask, if you have a comment to make about it, please make it a nice one, things happen and people forget that they have commitments sometimes or time gets away. so i will just be thrilled to get it the squares.the person who offered had things happen in her life and i won't go into it i request you all respect my choice also. and if you do have something to say. please say it to yourself and not spread anger and madness any more, its been a year and i will be getting my squares for my comfortghan and thats what matters to me. thank you all for your love and kindness hubby is released to go back to work,will see how well it goes. take care and god bless love and hugs


Shell said...

hey Vicki. I tag ya hon, ho on over to my blog to see how it goes :)

vicki said...

kk will do kiddo, i think i been tagged before though lol

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