Monday, February 5, 2007

somebody help me .................................................

help me peeps, i almost bought yarn tonight on e-bay ackkkkkkkkkkkkkkk i must not buy yarn , i must not buy yarn. how can i avoid it, besides the obvious, of not going on e-bay, i found the most awesome yarns at, i must not go there again
i must avoid at all costs. someone stop me please. i need the 12 steps of yarn addiction. , seriously i was proud of myself i didn't buy one blasted cone or hank of yarn and deborah has some of the most beautiful yarn its sad, why i torture myself i don;t know. but i have decided i am not going to buy any more yarns for a while, (well will try not to) does the box i just got from fran count? it should but i think i am not going to as i have plans for all of that yarn and making things to sell so is permitted. its the yarns i buy that i have no other reason to buy other that its awesome yarns lol

am almost done with frans dil's shawl, i hope she likes it, fran loved hers so i hope her dil loves it.

went to the eye doc today for my annual eye exam and came away happy as a clam that got away . my vision instead of getting worse, is rabidly getting better. now for over 23 years i have worn glasses, each year they have been close but nothing to worry about, this year instead of them getting worse, my left eye has improved by about 30% and my right eye about 50% better. so much in fact that the doc don't want me to wear the glasses i have now as they are to strong. so now need to find the old frames and lenses as the doc will make me a new pair for 10.00, in the mean time i can use the sun glasses i currently have, i am excited hehehehehehe,

hubby went back to work today and it about killed him, stupid fool of a doctor should have been able to see that he is not well enough to work yet. everyone was glad to see him in fact his boss made a special effort to tell him that he missed him and welcome back. all fine and nice but the the thing is he should NOT be working, pisses me off the stupid doc should be able to see it. but its L and I claim, get the patient back to work wether or not they are ready, bunch of bullpuckie if ya ask me, been there done that with my own back and never got the stupid t-shirt either. muscle pain takes a while to heal, 3 to 4 weeks minimum, well tomorrow will have been 3 weeks, and while its getting better , he could have used another week off, k am done pissing and moaning about this sore subject to me.

how you all doing? want to let my swap partners at the mania know the packages will be shipped very soon,. i have momx4' her shawl all done and ready to deliver, still working on the kitchen swap, but will get it done soon too, and for the dear friend who i am sending her a holiday suprise its almost done and will be sent to you very soon. take care all of you, god bless and keep you in his care. tomorrow is another day, still waiting for my squares to arrive, perhaps tomorrow. am hoping that they come so i can get them put together and use the afghan as it was meant to be before summer comes. thank you to all who read this blog, stop in and leave a message, would love to know who drops by , angela in italy, your package will go out tomorrow my friend god bless and keep you all, oh before i forget, a special thank you to jimbo who is offering a special contest to all who visits his blog, his addy is

check his site out, he has some awesome wooden crochet hooks he is making, i am lucky enough to have 2 of his wonderful hooks, thanks again jimbo you rock lol hugs to all and to all a goodnight.


Kari said...

Sorry your hubby is hurting so much. Makes life hard on everyone.

I have found that not having any money helps in not buying any yarn lol. Course I am house hunting and we are going to have to move before april so that is a big big incentive for NOT buying any more yarn. YET lol
It is very hard though to not buy any as there are so many pretty yarns out there.
Course for me it is worse because it isn't just the yarn it's rovings and fleeces etc to spin yarn that calls to me as well. In fact my last yarny purchase was a pound of llama fleece lol.
I do feel for ya though as it IS hard to resist. I have just stopped looking period.
Good luck and yeh there needs to be a 12 step program lol

vicki said...

thaanks kari, i feel so bad for him as i know he should be home and he is working for me to keep the medical for me for my meds. if not for that he could retire but its just not possible right now and he knows it so trys to not complain to much as it just works to make me feel guilty for something thats not my fault, you go girl no more yarns of any kinds loltill moving day, hope you find a house soon, maybe that what i should do, sell enough of the yarnsso it looks like i need more maybe thats it huh? lol i will resist
have a great day

Priscilla said...

I can't buy yarn just because. I am saving for a real vacation.

JoAnn said...

Don't do it friend!! Hold BACK the deamons attempting to FORCE you to purchase yarn..fight them!! YOU can do it!!

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