Thursday, February 8, 2007

boy am i tired

does it ever seem to you that you do nothing but work, and have energy only when you HAVE to do something. thats the way i feel right about now. i worked in the kitchen today again and now am so tired, having a hard time functioning lol, as soon as i post here am off to make some squares for a few people on the ville. also need to finish my stuff for the kitchen /bath swap over at the mania. got the shawl all sent off as well as the other packages i needed to

i was soooooooooooooooo bad again today ummmmmm shall i tell you or let you guess, think i will let you guess bewahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

on hint its pretty hehehehe.

got so much to do, am working on a cami for dd for her b-day also have to get my butt in gear and get her quilt cut out its going to be made out of skull material as she is into that type thing. lol, some of it is quite cute. wonder what else i could make her with it. any ideas? come on guys help me out here
i was thinking maybe a skull pillow, you know a skull shaped pillow crocheted. hmmm would be a challenge, but you know i might just be to something lol

some of the material i have is the skullfinity in red
where it goes around, and around and around, then i have one that is pink and has red roses on it, fran was kind enough to get it for me , i paid for it of course,she also sent me alot of other ones she found. thanks me pal,, gosh i can't remember them all, one is cammoflauge, and i got one the other day which is black and white and has a skull amnd pirate swords, then i found the cutest thing is material that has skulls on it, but picture this, little old grannie gardening hats, you know the ones they use to put flowers on to show off. not gardening like growing things, like showing off, does that make sense? hope so lol

anyways lots of material for me to mix and match for her quilt, oh also day of the dead material again thanks to fran and oh poooh i can;t remember them all, just know i have some cool materials. was also thinking of making a bag or 2 for herand maybe a smaller one into a purse, something that would be "hers" no other like it anywhere. that might be fun

hubby is driving me up the wall tonight, he seems to think that because its been 3 weeks that he should be alright, gak i have tried to tell him that back pain does NOT go away right away. and in some cases like mine, it NEVER goes away, ya know i thought maybe he would be more understanding now that he hurt his back, but all he can do is bitch and moan about how HE hurts so bad and how I don't understand, bloody men are such prissy babies sometimes. gak

i really hope he does start feeling better soon as he is making my back much worse, he seems to think i need to wait on him hand and foot, because HE hurts, well i hurt too and tonight i put my foot so to speak down, i don';t mind if i am up, never have, but i am not going to jump up everytime he wants something. k enough hubby slamming

went out with shadow this afternoon, was a balmy 50 degrees, me thinks maybe spring is coming soon. will find out before to long. i have daffodills up that are about 4 in, my japanese quince bush is blooming, yes blooking pretty pink flowers,, roses are getting their new tender green leaves, all told the plants are waking up, day liles are up also, poppies are up, blue bells, hyanciths and a couple tulip leaves are showing, the lilac bushes are starting topop their leave buds open as well as the magnolia is starting to swell the buds, oh that tree and me are best friends, is a beautiful white star magnolia, it smells devine too when fully bloomed.

well best get off here and get some crocheting done. take care ya all and have a wonderful day today and hope to chat soon hugs to all


Kari said...

*hugs* hope everyone is feeling better and you get a break soon.
50 already for you? wow thats warm

vicki said...

i know, today it is about the same, course you know what will happen. just when we think its going to turn into lovely spring days, we will get blasted with winter sheeesh , but am hoping it stays nice, am sick of the cold and wet. course rain is better than snow any day of the week lol

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