Monday, February 12, 2007

mondays musings

well today is monday, dang weekend went by so fast. seems nothing is working out for me. yesterday came down with the crud and am hacking my lung out, shadow thinks i have a hairball lol kept trying to kiss me ewwwwwwwwww .

this weekend on the ville i saw a post which made me so sad, yet thankful for this person getting help that was needed. was talking with shell and told her i would like to make a comfortghan for out fellow villager,. boy the responce has been awesome. just fantastic thats about the only good thing that happened this weekend

still waiting on my squares, has been almost a month since i tried to get them from her, guess i will e-mail again,.is frustrating but i also know she has something going on, but i wish she would just mail them , takes whathalf hour max? but i suppose i will get them eventually, it makes me so sad that this has worked out this way. people made those squares so i could wrap myself in their kindness and well wishes. very frustrating, maybe they will come today., if not then will contact her again.

also been working on some more squares and also a shawl for another friend. one more for a friend then am going to try and sell them anyone interested in one please let me know, i make to
order, so please don't be shy, i am sure we can work something out.

the weather this weekend was awesome we had sunshine yipppppppppppppeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

going to doc this afternoon, hopfully he can give me something that will help feel better. right now is hard to breath i have a really mild case of asthma and omgosh i was so bad son gav me a hit off of his puffer and it helped some, but not a huge amount since the use date was outofdate, but i didn't care. it was that or the hospital so of course i chose the out of date puffer. i did call the pharmacy and ask, wether or not they were safe, and she said as long as it was not like 10 years ago, all it does in age is become less effective.

been dosing myself up with antihistamines decongestents and also some expectorant. and it is slowly breaking up, but still hard to breath. darn it darn kids lol
well that was pretty much my weekend. oh also went sat and visited mil, she was in fair spirits.

this weekend too we went out to the garden and tried to decidehow we want to plant, making charts now, lol, my hubby and his charts i know exactly how i want everything lol, we need to find a pollenatior for out yellow plum tree its a heirloom plum and omgosh is sooooo good. well am off to sleep now for a while, didn't sleep much at all, wellll to later my friends. hope this week is filled with happines and love for one another take care and will try and blog more tonight no promises though as i feel like crud and have that appointment to go till later my friends hugs and god bless


Kari said...

*hugs* feel better my friend.

vicki said...

thank you kari, am feeling a tad better although i feel like i am hacking up a hairball lol hugs

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