Friday, February 9, 2007

friday, thank the good lord

tonight is friday night, i was able to get alot of house work done these last couple days was very rare that i got soo much done, today wanted to clean the floor but alas all i got done in the kitchen was a few more things. got alot of things done in the living room and of course i went shopping and bought a few more things ie yarns so now need to get crocheting on them.

talked to several friends tonight, talked to fran, shell and tammie, have not heard from tammie in so long i was really glad to talk wit her. hope that things get better darling for your dd and your family. am off to crochet

still no squares but heard from her , so hopefully soon. wonder whats taking so long. grrrrrrr bloody post office is so slow. on the other hand fran got ambers (her dil) shawl. she loved it she said and i hope amber does, and is soon feeling much better. its got to be hard for her i hope things get better soon, hugs to her and you all.

worked outside in the yard a tiny bit today. fed the birds and cleaned up some of the branches around the yard that has been there since the last wind storm, poor son had the yard all cleaned up then we got hit with another windstorm, and now they are saying we could get another one before spring is over, at least thats what the almanac is saying and ya know guys, so far that thing. has been right on kind of scary.

hubby and i talked about the garden and what we want to do this year. we have thought about totally enclosing it so that no one can get in or out of it including humans should some of our neighbors decide they want to pinch some of our veggies like last year,. i didn't care except for they took my BIG tomato grrrrr

mostly we want to keep the raccoons out and the other creatures. they are ruthless when it comes to eating the tender plants. made me so darn mad, last year we planted corn, stupid squirles and raccoons. grrrrrrrr we started with 14 plants, ended up with 1 along a small (every darn stalk of corn was gone except 1 stalk) so we are hoping to be able to at least grow that, and then once we get that done if it don't grow then we will quit. stupid corn. green beans is another thing we are putting in. last year we had 5 different kinds 2 pole beans and 3 no wait 4 bush beans. i want to get some hybred beans, actually what i want to get is a bean called oregon giants. we grew these when i was a kid back home and omgosh are they good, trying to locate them now. wish me luck, well am headed off to crochet and sit back and enjoy my heat pack, am tired and sore but will make myself crochet some more if i don't go to sleep that is hehehe, take care dear ones talk to ya tomorrow and hugs for ya all. maybe tomorrow it will let me post more and can have my pictures up. oh i wish i had my old blog, stupid thing is still blocked from me posting in it. take care my friends god bless and keep you, i hope ya all have a great weekend hugs


Kari said...

Enclosing it would help keep alot of critters (both 4 legged and 2 legged) out.
I cannot wait to be in a place settled enough to plant a garden... with luck this year I may just be able to.

vicki said...

i hope so kari, that would be awesome, nothing like fresh veggies right u will love them take care my friend, am praying you find a house soon . take care sweetie hugs

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