Monday, February 26, 2007

hey ya all

as you all can see, i have a new look, isn't it wonderful, i love it l.soooo much, today i worked on a couple of fat bottom purses out of the stitch'n'bitch happy hooker book, one is for misty momx4 over at the crochetmania forum for our swap, the other one i am making for a special someone who will be forever greatful for her help in making my blog a nice place to stop by, now for the other friend , i have some ideas that you will love, but have to wait for the stupid mail service.

tonight i worked on the bags for a while. mil loved the one i showed her yesterday, spent part of outside thinking how niceit was and how i am waiting for spring to come, it rained most of the day but had a small break in the weather long enough to put the other kid out on his run. shadow loves that time of the day and looks forward to running around and then having his freedom.

tomorrow am hoping to get those purses done and finished so i can finish cupcakes suprise since her b-day is in march and want to make hers before hand, also need to get these wip's done . i will be finish it this week i promise hehe

well am off to bed as i am beat and need more sleep to get over this crud, right now am not feeling to good tonight, is very hard to breath and i have already used my inhaler as much as i am suppose to do tonight but know i will need it so am going to use it as i need it, well am, off to bed since its almost 2 am goodness how the time flys buy, i just looked and it was 12:30 wow. anyways god bless to my special friends, until we meet again to log or chat or just whaever we need and want to do, hehehe, ciao and have a great monday:D


Kari said...

feel better soon hun, you're blog looks great

Michele said...

What a wonderful surprise Vicki I found when I stopped by to visit you your blog looks GREAT Ladies pat yourself on the back!!!

Glad to hear that your crocheting again Vicki it's a sure sign that your starting to feel better just don't over do it

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