Tuesday, January 30, 2007

my day

today was one of those days where anything and everything that could go wrong, it did, i was standing in the living room talking to my hubby about something, can't remember what it is either , but anyways all of a sudden, my phone started vibrating,. i thought hmm maybe i put it in vibrate mode, so checked and nope nothing there. i thought how odd is that, turned it off and on again, still doing the buzzing thing. so decided to take it down to verizon and they told me it was in its death throws lol, well when i had signed up for this contract almost 2 years ago
one of the perks was a free phone, i would have had to wait to till the 18th of feb without a phone, so the very kind manager said i could update early since my phone was dying. how nice that was. and what a phone, omgosh, even can take a video movie with it, besides still photos. even can download songs to play like ipod. how cool is that, course my dd will be much happier with her phone when she gets it on the 18th of feburary.

also found out that while we won't be getting alot back from the irs we will be getting a small amount, about 200 smackerroos hehehehehehehehehehe, and if that was not good enough news. i found out that while we made a small amount of money last year(not much considering how hard my husband works) but at least we will be rewarded from not having to pay as much homeowners taxes. yipeeeee, thanks to my doc and myself. it all helps out.

got frans shawl sent out along with some other goodies.

well my friends am off to bed. am beat as i didn't get much sleep and need to get off here and try and lay down now. god bless you and keep you. try and have a good sleep and sweet dreams take care and remember god loves us all so live his word and never forget that he wants us to be like him. take care and see ya tomorrow good night dear friends and family


Priscilla said...

Getting $200 back is much better than oweing $200.

vicki said...

yuppers, i am happy with anything back, last year we had to pay and i hated it, thought we would have to again this year but was wrong i love being wrong when it comes to getting money

Kari said...

The phone sounds cool!

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