Wednesday, February 28, 2007

hey ya all

howdy ya all, thought i would say howdy, not up to to much, pretty tired tonight, today was payday so went and paid bills, dang would be nice if i could keep the paycheck. but not like THAT is going to happen right? so i also went up to 6th ave and paid the cable bill, while there i figured oh artco whynot go over and see what the haf in the yarn line, after all i have a secret pal and wantd to spoil her with something different. HA what a piteful excuse for a store that place has become. their once thriving yarn department is no more, it was such a dissapointment, i did not find one single skein of yarn that struck my fancy with its piteful yarn selection, what use to be a thriving section of the store is just about 1 1/2 end caps and one small part of the wall from fabric department. so i bought no yarn, so i managed to look in the bead department and do some serious businss in the bead department, got all the stuff i need to make some awesome stitch markers. so tonight i have been busy making stitch markers that was fun to do too. been a long time since i beaded anything and i think they came out good for not having played with beads for a long time. tomorrow am thinkin about playing with my filo clay and seeing what i can make. i soo want to get good at that. so i can make more stitch markers and other things,

well am really tired so am off to bed for now i think. might just hang out for a while but then sleepy time lol thanks again shell and hilary for my blog . i have gotten a ton of compliments. god bless all of you, peace go with you all, am off for now oh don't worru i am fine, just tired, byeee


Kari said...

*hugs* Hope you get some rest!

Alot of stores seem to be scaling down/getting rid of their crafty areas and yarn.


vicki said...

i know it really makes me angry, what are we second class citizens? sheesh thanks hon i slept till almost 10:30 this morning lol me bad

Hilary said...

That sounds like our walmart...the yarn selection is pathetic. When they do have something fun, it lasts for like 2 months, then disappears. Honestly, RHSS is not the only option out there, you stupid stores.

Anyway, hope you enjoyed sleeping in this morning. :) I slept in until 11:30, so you still beat me out of bed. lol

CrochetManiacs said...

Hey you two, I just popped in to see Vicki's new digs. They have changed again and I like this one, a lot. Looks nice girl. Ditto on the yarns, I can't never find what I want or need local anymore. I get most all now at etsy or ebay.

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