Tuesday, March 6, 2007

thank you shell

hey girl you know what i am thanking you for and i want you to know how much i care and appreciate you, your a very special friend and i am glad we became such good friends. take care and thanks again,

swappy i am thrilled with all my goodies you sent me and your very right i will find a way to use it all, just tonight i was making stitch markers and was thinking of you.

well is later than i thought so am off to bed. god bless all of you who are always there for me, enjoyed chatting with shell, and fran and kathy, thanks ladies i enjoy very much chatting with you all hugs to you all take care my friends hugs


Julie said...

You are very welcome, sweet Vicki!

Hugs, swappy.

CrochetManiacs said...

Hugs Back at cha woman............and I am soooooo!
Glad that your blog looks nice :)
Soooo sorry for the oooopsy.
Took my pc in today and got her fixed so you were the first site I went to visit and say that I got your e-mails and that I am so proud to see this pretty one back like it should be. Love you so much, and bunches of warm hugs your way.
From: Old Woman number 2 (LOL!)

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