Monday, June 25, 2007

a letter from the past

last week i got a letter from my sister nance, inside of it she had included a letter that my mother had written to all of us kids and her grandkids that she had at the time, it was written in 1996 in may , in it mom wrote how proud she was of all of her family, how she took pride in knowing we all developed into good strong people, that even though times were often bad,she said we made it because we are tough people, basicly it was a letter from my mother that i was thrilled to get and while it made me cry, it was tears of happiness knowing she cared enough about all of us to leave us a letter to find a year and a half after her death. because of the situation with my mother for years i never knew how much she hurt, not emotinally although i am sure she had her moments as we all do, but how she actually had such horrible physical pain, having dealt with severe pain 24/7 for the last 7 years and 18 days, (no i am not going into the minutes and seconds although i could simply because my life has changed that much that i do keep track in my mind even while i am not thinking about it) my mother injured her back many many years ago and while she took painmeds, she never complained, never whined and said oh i can't do that because it hurts to much, never so much as a whimper., oh that i could be so brave. even 11 years ago, my mom spoke of she didn't know how much longer she could live with the pain she had, and how now that she is gone, we can know how bad she was, if i had even had a clue i would have done my best to make things better for her. as it was i knew she had arthritis and sent her rice packs i made and bought to help her ease the pain of the arthritis. i now know how my mother felt all those years, she never complained once not one single day about she couldn't do anything for herself, but i somehow knew that the pain was not near what she said it was and was in fact alot more intense. unless you suffer from the kind of pain my mother did (and now i do also) you will never know the joy of someone doing something nice for you. when i was told i would never walk again after the accident, my first responce was kiss off, i will walk again i told the neuro surgeon( who by the way was a jackass and i would not recommend him to your worst energy) that he was wrong, you should have seen his face when i walked into his office one day walking being the key word. tonight i am hurting as i have not taken my meds yet but i just did so will suffer thru the pain until its time for my meds work.

the reasonof the story is not to make you feel sorry for me, but to think about your life and your family, write them that note and tell them how you feel, this letter means more to me than anyone could ever know. when i was going into the hospital both times i wrote my family letters so they would get them about the time they came back home after leaving me there to get better, yet they hated it they told me, i know how that is when you love someone you do anything and everything you can to help them thats what i did so i hope somehow that showed you all. i love you all of you in my family even though we often disagree, and get mad at each other, we are a family and we love and care. think about it ya all maybe your family can have the joy of knowing how you really feel and have it forgiven but not forgotten. god bless all of you dear family and friends,. know that he is always there if you need someone to lean on god bless and good nigtht are

Sunday, June 24, 2007

doing the happy dance

yipee today i sold another purse, i tried to tell the lady was 25.00 but she gave me 30 saying it was worth it and i should charge more. i was like whoaaa, also went to mil and she fell in love with one of the purses i had made, she wanted to buy from me too and i told her no i wouldn't sell her one, she has done so much for my family over the years i refuse to charge her for anything, she said then fine she would wait until another day and then buy it then, but i was sneaky, and left it on her bed with a note saying its a gift now enjoy it lol. i am so happy. i recently got a order too from my dear friend jacqui for 4 tote bags, 2 of the lady of guadelope and then 2 in skull materials, she is such a sweetheart,now to figure out how much to charge, guess will wait and see how long it takes me and final costs. guess thats the best way don;t ya think?

i finished the base part of another purse today it is a nice bright one is pink,orange, yellow and white. very very pretty and springy. now to finish it and get it up for sale

tomorrow going to go thru some boxes of yarn and destash, i keep telling myself do it because i know if i don't get it done and this house cleaned up that when my hubby goes on vacation for a month(god did i just say a whole month , ) someone please help me send me somewhere for a couple weeks anyways. that if this house isn't cleaned up we will spend the entire vacation working and he needs to have a vacation since his work is getting more and more stressful, they keep adding work levels to his position but not any extra commensation, sucs but its a job, i have some more books for sale over on the ville and also on kari's sight dogwoodreams.

got the addy today for the address to send for the auction, am debating what to send i know at least am sending the set of long looms for knitting with looms, hopefully someone will spend lots of money for it. also have a few other things i am sending in including yarn since i have a ton and why not share the wealth, hey works for me

this week am going to get the yarn for jimbos afghan i owe him, he was sweet enough to make me 4 hooks so is the least i can do for him , jim your a sweetheart ya know that. your wife is lucky lady.

got to go to the bank tomorrow since my checking account is getting low and need to add some money to it so when i buy something i can afford to pay and not charge.

well am off to the yarn barn aka my craft room, to find the yarn i am looking for for a special prize for my sp, no i am NOT saying what as the dear may read my blog, bewahahahahaha god bless ya all love and hugs to you all vicki

Friday, June 22, 2007

hey ya all

hi everyone, sorry has been a bit since i posted. not really had a bite about any of my books so might just go ahead and post them on etsy and e-bay, maybe they will sell there instead. kind of dissapointed as i feel the prices are not bad, does anyone else have any idea why maybe they didn't sell? oh well , is no worries.

been busy making goodies for all my friends, also finished the comfortghans for richard and sherrie and presented to them they loved it as i stated before, sadly she lost the baby, but they are coming around one day at a time.

i ordered a bunch of pattrn books off of annies attic, got a ton for a reasonable price.

i have been buying material too while its on sale now . have plans for most of it and others well its a long story. and not pleasant either. i hope ya all have a great weekend and will chat soon hugs for ya all am off to dream land now see ya in the next motion picture !!!!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

more books for sale

1. crochet for tots, reg price is 24.95 asking 12.50

2. todays crochet sweaters from the guild of america, list price 24.95, asking 12.50

3.and lst but not least, crochet wishes and wonders asking price is 19.95 , asking 7.50

paypal only all postage is actual cost as well as a 3.00 handling fee, i will ship internationally also but there is a 5.00 handling fee as there is alot more involvment to ship overseas

if ya see something ya like give me a shout out, and we will see what we can work out, once payment is cleared thru paypal i will ship within 2 business days.

if you ae interested please leave me a comment here or e-mail me at leaving in the subject line crochet books from blog or something that lets me know its about this otherwise i probablywill delete it. thanks sooo much have a great day and watch soon for yarn to come out

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

books for sale

books for sale

1.cott'n silk, knitted sweater leaflet, asking 1.00 has 6 patterns in it

2.crocheting for the home, has a large variety of different patterns in it including afghans and other items, asking 5.00

3.decorative dough craft, this is a awesome book , you make it all out of stuff you find in your kitchen including flour, many many things can be made and painted out of this. christmas ornaments wall hangings alot of different things. asking 7.50

4.fiber flowers leaflet, is a wonderful booklet that shows you how to crochet,weaving, and macramae . out of print and in great shape. asking 4.00

5. the great granny crochet book,inside this book is where you will find those darling picture afghans including,dutch tulips,my home town,supper time, wcircus clown,wheels, summer carousel,the bird watcher,puddle ducks, summer garden and many other patterns, including childrens toys, sweaters, household things ect. all made with the wonderful granny square asking 10.00 this book is sold, thanks so much for the order

6.101 quick gifts, plastic canvas inside you will find 101 fun things to make and use for your home and children. there are a large number of easy projects you can even make with your kids. this book which is in brand new condition originally sells for 20.00, i am asking 5.00

i take paypal only as it works for both sellers and buyers protection. please leave a message on the comments page or you can e-mail me at please put in the subject line books for sale on blog, otherwise i will delete it, or probably the best way is just to leave a message in the comment section.

thanks to all of you who took the time to read this posting and hope to do business with you soon, there will be actual shipping charges incurred as well as a 3.00 handling fee, since it cost me to wrap , there is the envelopes or the paper as well as the gas to get to the po, i feel 3.00 is a very reasonable amount and hope you all do too. i will ship internationally but there will be a 5.00 handling charge as there is alot more things involved. actual shipping though, i am not out to rip people off when it comes to shipping, just need to make enough to cover my costs.

thanks again and i will be listing more soon. i have alot of older out of print books that i no longer want or need. i am destashing big time, my loss your gain.

soon to be listed also yarns. i have alot of yarns for your viewing pleasure soon to be posted help me destash and get some awesome buys.

thanks again for reading this posting. have a wonderful day

sad news

today found out my sweet cousin who was expecting a baby lost it last night. i feel so bad for her, i just want to take her in my arms and hold her. to let her know i love her and care about her and her hubby. i'msoo sorry R and S. if i can do anything let me know,

i cut my hair yesterday and no one even noticed it till today and that was dd, hubby and son didn't even notice, and i cut it Short, chin length and was past my shoulders, shows how mch they pay attention lol

am working on something special for my secret pals both at the mania and the ville. hope they like what i am making them. its a suprise so can not say here cause i know one who reads my blog and the other am not sure about the other one. speaking of swaps, boy am i a glutten for punishment rotfl. i joined the cotton yarn swap, already joined the accessories one, at both the mania and the ville. also joined the doily swap, which i already finished a doily one at the mania, and am ready to send the one at the ville. my swap partner is in isreal . her name is adi and i am looking forward to hearing how she likes what i made her, i made more than one but am not going to show them just now

doily, accessories swap,summer cotton yarns, and of course the secret pal swap

on the mania i am doing the secret pal swap and the pazzory swap. fluffy stuffy swap which i sent mine in already swap, someone stop me already already, lol i will also join the fall secret pal swap at the mania and the ville. i love spoiling people.

today i was a bad girl i bought some books from annies attic, but get this, i got 7 books for a little over 22.00 with the shipping.

i chatted with fran tonight she lives in texas and also my friends sue and jean. sue lives in nm and jean in canada . isn;t the internet a wonderful thing, i have made alot of new friends that way.

+i splurged today at circuit city today, i bought the new toby keith, cd. and omgosh is awesome

well guess i should get off the computer and get busy crocheting since i have a deadline to finish things.

also have a few things i am making to try and sell, i need to break out my sewing machine, it is old but works awesome. i want to sew some more skull bags, oh and dd wants my expertise ofsewing in making her a tank top or a halter top for a concert she is going to on thursday night.
oh well some day i will have time for myself,

caio for now., take care and if ya would please think some special thoughts for the kids and send prayers if ya belive in them. these kids have been thru hell, R was injured in iraq and is still trying to recover. poor guy. he is such a sweetie. i hope that they will make it thru this time of sorrow and build their love up and god willing some day have another child. god bless and keep you all. talk with ya soon

Sunday, June 10, 2007

comfortghans delivered

last week on wendsday my dd and i took the comfortghans i had put together that so many people had helped on to our cousins richard and sherrie, i am not sure if i told ya all, poor richard had been injured while serving our country in iraq, the poor kid took a direct hit from a road side bomb which killed one of the men who was with him, richard recieved some pretty severe injuries. including a broken jaw and nose, eardrum was preforated and his ankle broken in oh so many places.poor guy, so anyways when i had heard about his injuries i asked my pals on the crochet forums i belong to if they wanted to help. the responce was amazing, thanks to all who helped, the kids love them, i thought they might cry they were so excited. and then they had some news of their own. they are going to have a baby, yup a baby , can ya tell i am estaitic about the news. already planning lots of baby things. .

the weather here SUCKS, is cold and rainin and just plain nasty i want some sunshine now, k enough whining hehe,

i have been busy crocheting like a fiend, made already 3 purses, one which is sold, am making some more too but not saying where they are going since my sp is getting one too lol

we went to a place called i think is the web site. will check later to see if it is and if not will correct it for ya all later, anyways it was pretty cool place, and they served texas style bbq, omgoodness talk about yummmmmmy, had the pulled pork sandwhich and sauercrought coleslaw, and of course potato salad. lets all together say it yummmmmmmmy

not up to much else. am going to be listing some more books on the ville will let ya know when i get around to it. anyways my friends. godspeed to you all, and for our men and women in the armed forces, i salute you all and wish you the very best prayers are being sent heavenward for you on a constant time frame. god bless you all and keep you safe from harm, ciao my dear friends till i blog again..........

Monday, June 4, 2007

hey ya all, so sorry haven't blogged in a while, my mouth has been hurting so bad but is now starting to get better. believe me that experiance is nothing i would even wish on my worst enemy if i had one. how that happened i will ever know but am greatful to dr miller for helping me. thanks doc :)

been working on some new purses, finished one and started another one yesterday both as a pretty blue, i went to michaels today as they had the sugar and creme 12 to 14 ounce balls. i bought 6 of them they were 5.00 each and i figured that for that price i shouldn't not buy the yarn since i am on a roll now lol, i love making things especially for someone who is not expecting anything, in other words my secret pal lol. i am trying to be sneaky, i hope she don't know who i am.

how ya all been doing whats happening in your neck of the woods. is raining here tonight, first we have had in a while so makes the roads kind of slippery . heck it makes them very slippery.

i ordered some yarn tonight from deborrah over at spin city yarns. on e-bay, check her out she has some awesome yarns and very fairly priced. i decided i needed to spoil myself.. :D

not much else going on, just working on my secret pals final gifts, is kind of wierd being in 2 swaps at the same time. soon to make that 3 as i signed up for the accesory swap, almost finished with my doily for my swap partner she lives in isreal, i hope we can be friends,. besides just swap partners, no worries on that part though as i think she does too heh

summer is coming soon, we have lots of things to plant but i can't go into detail until the swap has gotten over or i might give myself a way so nanananananana, nice try secret pal.

whats your most favorite veggie to grow, hey come on veggies are good for you, alrighty then whats your most detested

veggies happy now :P

was wonderinf i anyone had heard from the hooked on crochet mag, or annies fav either, i have subscriptions to pretty much all of the crochet mags, and the only one i had gotten is Crochet, granted some nice patterns huh, but still

well am off now to get some sleep. tired and still not feeling back to my old self. some day hopefully soon i can feel better and hope to normal(is there any such thing as normal . goodnight dear friends just wanted to say howdy adios amegos hugs for all

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