Sunday, June 24, 2007

doing the happy dance

yipee today i sold another purse, i tried to tell the lady was 25.00 but she gave me 30 saying it was worth it and i should charge more. i was like whoaaa, also went to mil and she fell in love with one of the purses i had made, she wanted to buy from me too and i told her no i wouldn't sell her one, she has done so much for my family over the years i refuse to charge her for anything, she said then fine she would wait until another day and then buy it then, but i was sneaky, and left it on her bed with a note saying its a gift now enjoy it lol. i am so happy. i recently got a order too from my dear friend jacqui for 4 tote bags, 2 of the lady of guadelope and then 2 in skull materials, she is such a sweetheart,now to figure out how much to charge, guess will wait and see how long it takes me and final costs. guess thats the best way don;t ya think?

i finished the base part of another purse today it is a nice bright one is pink,orange, yellow and white. very very pretty and springy. now to finish it and get it up for sale

tomorrow going to go thru some boxes of yarn and destash, i keep telling myself do it because i know if i don't get it done and this house cleaned up that when my hubby goes on vacation for a month(god did i just say a whole month , ) someone please help me send me somewhere for a couple weeks anyways. that if this house isn't cleaned up we will spend the entire vacation working and he needs to have a vacation since his work is getting more and more stressful, they keep adding work levels to his position but not any extra commensation, sucs but its a job, i have some more books for sale over on the ville and also on kari's sight dogwoodreams.

got the addy today for the address to send for the auction, am debating what to send i know at least am sending the set of long looms for knitting with looms, hopefully someone will spend lots of money for it. also have a few other things i am sending in including yarn since i have a ton and why not share the wealth, hey works for me

this week am going to get the yarn for jimbos afghan i owe him, he was sweet enough to make me 4 hooks so is the least i can do for him , jim your a sweetheart ya know that. your wife is lucky lady.

got to go to the bank tomorrow since my checking account is getting low and need to add some money to it so when i buy something i can afford to pay and not charge.

well am off to the yarn barn aka my craft room, to find the yarn i am looking for for a special prize for my sp, no i am NOT saying what as the dear may read my blog, bewahahahahaha god bless ya all love and hugs to you all vicki

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