Tuesday, June 12, 2007

books for sale

books for sale

1.cott'n silk, knitted sweater leaflet, asking 1.00 has 6 patterns in it

2.crocheting for the home, has a large variety of different patterns in it including afghans and other items, asking 5.00

3.decorative dough craft, this is a awesome book , you make it all out of stuff you find in your kitchen including flour, many many things can be made and painted out of this. christmas ornaments wall hangings alot of different things. asking 7.50

4.fiber flowers leaflet, is a wonderful booklet that shows you how to crochet,weaving, and macramae . out of print and in great shape. asking 4.00

5. the great granny crochet book,inside this book is where you will find those darling picture afghans including,dutch tulips,my home town,supper time, wcircus clown,wheels, summer carousel,the bird watcher,puddle ducks, summer garden and many other patterns, including childrens toys, sweaters, household things ect. all made with the wonderful granny square asking 10.00 this book is sold, thanks so much for the order

6.101 quick gifts, plastic canvas inside you will find 101 fun things to make and use for your home and children. there are a large number of easy projects you can even make with your kids. this book which is in brand new condition originally sells for 20.00, i am asking 5.00

i take paypal only as it works for both sellers and buyers protection. please leave a message on the comments page or you can e-mail me at sircraftsalot@yahoo.com please put in the subject line books for sale on blog, otherwise i will delete it, or probably the best way is just to leave a message in the comment section.

thanks to all of you who took the time to read this posting and hope to do business with you soon, there will be actual shipping charges incurred as well as a 3.00 handling fee, since it cost me to wrap , there is the envelopes or the paper as well as the gas to get to the po, i feel 3.00 is a very reasonable amount and hope you all do too. i will ship internationally but there will be a 5.00 handling charge as there is alot more things involved. actual shipping though, i am not out to rip people off when it comes to shipping, just need to make enough to cover my costs.

thanks again and i will be listing more soon. i have alot of older out of print books that i no longer want or need. i am destashing big time, my loss your gain.

soon to be listed also yarns. i have alot of yarns for your viewing pleasure soon to be posted help me destash and get some awesome buys.

thanks again for reading this posting. have a wonderful day

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