Sunday, June 10, 2007

comfortghans delivered

last week on wendsday my dd and i took the comfortghans i had put together that so many people had helped on to our cousins richard and sherrie, i am not sure if i told ya all, poor richard had been injured while serving our country in iraq, the poor kid took a direct hit from a road side bomb which killed one of the men who was with him, richard recieved some pretty severe injuries. including a broken jaw and nose, eardrum was preforated and his ankle broken in oh so many places.poor guy, so anyways when i had heard about his injuries i asked my pals on the crochet forums i belong to if they wanted to help. the responce was amazing, thanks to all who helped, the kids love them, i thought they might cry they were so excited. and then they had some news of their own. they are going to have a baby, yup a baby , can ya tell i am estaitic about the news. already planning lots of baby things. .

the weather here SUCKS, is cold and rainin and just plain nasty i want some sunshine now, k enough whining hehe,

i have been busy crocheting like a fiend, made already 3 purses, one which is sold, am making some more too but not saying where they are going since my sp is getting one too lol

we went to a place called i think is the web site. will check later to see if it is and if not will correct it for ya all later, anyways it was pretty cool place, and they served texas style bbq, omgoodness talk about yummmmmmy, had the pulled pork sandwhich and sauercrought coleslaw, and of course potato salad. lets all together say it yummmmmmmmy

not up to much else. am going to be listing some more books on the ville will let ya know when i get around to it. anyways my friends. godspeed to you all, and for our men and women in the armed forces, i salute you all and wish you the very best prayers are being sent heavenward for you on a constant time frame. god bless you all and keep you safe from harm, ciao my dear friends till i blog again..........

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Will Blog for Yarn said...

Hope they liked the ghans.
How are you feeling? Better?

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