Tuesday, June 12, 2007

sad news

today found out my sweet cousin who was expecting a baby lost it last night. i feel so bad for her, i just want to take her in my arms and hold her. to let her know i love her and care about her and her hubby. i'msoo sorry R and S. if i can do anything let me know,

i cut my hair yesterday and no one even noticed it till today and that was dd, hubby and son didn't even notice, and i cut it Short, chin length and was past my shoulders, shows how mch they pay attention lol

am working on something special for my secret pals both at the mania and the ville. hope they like what i am making them. its a suprise so can not say here cause i know one who reads my blog and the other am not sure about the other one. speaking of swaps, boy am i a glutten for punishment rotfl. i joined the cotton yarn swap, already joined the accessories one, at both the mania and the ville. also joined the doily swap, which i already finished a doily one at the mania, and am ready to send the one at the ville. my swap partner is in isreal . her name is adi and i am looking forward to hearing how she likes what i made her, i made more than one but am not going to show them just now

doily, accessories swap,summer cotton yarns, and of course the secret pal swap

on the mania i am doing the secret pal swap and the pazzory swap. fluffy stuffy swap which i sent mine in already swap, someone stop me already already, lol i will also join the fall secret pal swap at the mania and the ville. i love spoiling people.

today i was a bad girl i bought some books from annies attic, but get this, i got 7 books for a little over 22.00 with the shipping.

i chatted with fran tonight she lives in texas and also my friends sue and jean. sue lives in nm and jean in canada . isn;t the internet a wonderful thing, i have made alot of new friends that way.

+i splurged today at circuit city today, i bought the new toby keith, cd. and omgosh is awesome

well guess i should get off the computer and get busy crocheting since i have a deadline to finish things.

also have a few things i am making to try and sell, i need to break out my sewing machine, it is old but works awesome. i want to sew some more skull bags, oh and dd wants my expertise ofsewing in making her a tank top or a halter top for a concert she is going to on thursday night.
oh well some day i will have time for myself,

caio for now., take care and if ya would please think some special thoughts for the kids and send prayers if ya belive in them. these kids have been thru hell, R was injured in iraq and is still trying to recover. poor guy. he is such a sweetie. i hope that they will make it thru this time of sorrow and build their love up and god willing some day have another child. god bless and keep you all. talk with ya soon


Will Blog for Yarn said...

Sorry about the baby they will be in my prayers.

I'm totally broke or I would have hit ya up for some of those books.

Anonymous said...

Let your cousin know that I am praying for their family during this time or sorrow and recovery. (((HUGS)))

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