Friday, June 22, 2007

hey ya all

hi everyone, sorry has been a bit since i posted. not really had a bite about any of my books so might just go ahead and post them on etsy and e-bay, maybe they will sell there instead. kind of dissapointed as i feel the prices are not bad, does anyone else have any idea why maybe they didn't sell? oh well , is no worries.

been busy making goodies for all my friends, also finished the comfortghans for richard and sherrie and presented to them they loved it as i stated before, sadly she lost the baby, but they are coming around one day at a time.

i ordered a bunch of pattrn books off of annies attic, got a ton for a reasonable price.

i have been buying material too while its on sale now . have plans for most of it and others well its a long story. and not pleasant either. i hope ya all have a great weekend and will chat soon hugs for ya all am off to dream land now see ya in the next motion picture !!!!

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