Monday, June 4, 2007

hey ya all, so sorry haven't blogged in a while, my mouth has been hurting so bad but is now starting to get better. believe me that experiance is nothing i would even wish on my worst enemy if i had one. how that happened i will ever know but am greatful to dr miller for helping me. thanks doc :)

been working on some new purses, finished one and started another one yesterday both as a pretty blue, i went to michaels today as they had the sugar and creme 12 to 14 ounce balls. i bought 6 of them they were 5.00 each and i figured that for that price i shouldn't not buy the yarn since i am on a roll now lol, i love making things especially for someone who is not expecting anything, in other words my secret pal lol. i am trying to be sneaky, i hope she don't know who i am.

how ya all been doing whats happening in your neck of the woods. is raining here tonight, first we have had in a while so makes the roads kind of slippery . heck it makes them very slippery.

i ordered some yarn tonight from deborrah over at spin city yarns. on e-bay, check her out she has some awesome yarns and very fairly priced. i decided i needed to spoil myself.. :D

not much else going on, just working on my secret pals final gifts, is kind of wierd being in 2 swaps at the same time. soon to make that 3 as i signed up for the accesory swap, almost finished with my doily for my swap partner she lives in isreal, i hope we can be friends,. besides just swap partners, no worries on that part though as i think she does too heh

summer is coming soon, we have lots of things to plant but i can't go into detail until the swap has gotten over or i might give myself a way so nanananananana, nice try secret pal.

whats your most favorite veggie to grow, hey come on veggies are good for you, alrighty then whats your most detested

veggies happy now :P

was wonderinf i anyone had heard from the hooked on crochet mag, or annies fav either, i have subscriptions to pretty much all of the crochet mags, and the only one i had gotten is Crochet, granted some nice patterns huh, but still

well am off now to get some sleep. tired and still not feeling back to my old self. some day hopefully soon i can feel better and hope to normal(is there any such thing as normal . goodnight dear friends just wanted to say howdy adios amegos hugs for all


Will Blog for Yarn said...

Get to feeling better soon hun.

I tell the boy when he asks what my favorite veggi is "I've never met a vegetable I didn't like"
I have yet to find one I hate, or even hate to grow.

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear you are crocheting! We are having a nice mild and sunny day today. It's wonderful!
Your Secret Pal

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