Tuesday, January 1, 2008

happy new year to you

may the year 2008 be kind to all of you. may your days bring you good health and happiness, for those who are watching over a loved one, may you have peace and love and a miracle thrown in also, for those who hurt may you be healed, for those who are sad, i hope 2008 brings you some happy days and good times to think about instead of all the sorrow and pain you have now. may you all be good to one another, life is to short to fight and fuss, when you think about it , is it really worth fighting over. for those whos loved ones are in harms way wether it is in the war zones of iraq and afghanistan, or here on the home front . wether you be police or fire or any dangerous job, may you be safe and sound and may you all come home safe and sound.

for my special friends who you all know who you are, fran,jacqui, sue, jean, kathy,kathy, jane, kari,jeannie beth, and everyone else who you know i love you. may your lives be filled with special happiness and health for all of you. kathy may you be given a miracle this year for tim, i pray for him daily that he soon will be with you healthy and whole, for all of you who hurt may you be healed by the lord on angels wings. for those who are in need of financial help, may you win the lottery or at least get a little money that you can buy something special,and for all of you who read this blog thank you, some of you i don't know but i do appreciate you reading my musings that i have or even my gripes amd complaints. and especially for all the armed service members and their familys thank you and god bless you. keep safe and come home soon i love you , god bless you all and try and be there for someone else. lets make 2008 the best year ever, ciao my friends and again i love you all

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WilBlg4Yrn said...

*hugs* Wishing you a healthy, happy, and joy filled 2008.

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