Sunday, September 23, 2007

this is what i made my little sister for christmas

i found this kit and thought how much my little sister would love it, she has had a horrible time lately lots of issues going on in her life so decided she could use some cheering up, while it took me forever to make and i have thought alot about keeping it i decided i am still going to give it to her, i know i am nuts, but she needs it more than me, forgive the mess around it i didn't think about that when taking the pic so please ignore the stuff around it. it is a wall hanging /rug but i would cry in my soda pop if i thought she was actually going to use it for a rug with small kids around, i know i know, is hers once i give it to her, anyways wanted to share it with ya all , let me know what ya think though please. thanks ya all be kind please bewahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahaha


Trish said...

What craft form is this? crocheted....My gosh Vicki! It's BEEEEEEEE autiful!!!!!!! GREAT job. Awesome Job! Magnificent job! You are such a kindhearted soul. Hope lil sis appreciates all that work. My goodness!!!!

vicki said...

hi trish oh thanks sweetie i am so glad you like it, its actually a rug/wall hanging, but if she uses it as a rug i am going to throw up lol she won't she will just love it, is like a punch thingy hard to describe i got it as a kit it is much nicer even in person lol love ya hon

Anita said...

Nicer in person? It's amazing from the picture! Absolutely gorgeous. Your sister will love it and treasure it I'm sure and not even dream of trodding on it by using it as a rug!

WilBlg4Yrn said...

omg... It's gorgeous! WOW
I'll be sick if she uses it as a rug... tell her it's a wall hanging NOT a rug lol

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