Sunday, September 23, 2007

be prepared

hey ya all, happy fall i hope that it will be good to everyone, no one will lose their home in a flash flood, or a tree come down on it during the many wind storms, we will undoubtedly have in the next couple months. last year we had some horrible wind storms and while we on the whole did not lose power( ours is underground) many people in out area lost power for days and in some cases weeks, i think the longest was almost 3 weeks. we had to import power crews from all over the country and in fact actually the world there was even one group og fellows from england and also australia. hows that for dedication?

now on to the reason for this posting

supplies. what do we need to get by without powerdays and in some cases weeks

1. water, the big one, the emergency people tell us 3 gallons per person per day for 2 weeks, that is alot of water, BUT consider all you use water for, you drink it, cook with it, clean with it, flush with it , the list goes on endless....

2. non refridgerated food,(ie soup, canned meats, crackers, bread, anything that suits your fancy as long as it don't have to be refridgerated. including food for your fur babies, remember if you have no power more than likely your local store don't either. lol

3.flash lights and batteries, this is a given we must have a way to see in the dark , what happened if you needed to go use the rest room and tripped and fell breaking your leg (oh boy just what ya needed LOL!!!),

4. while it is not wise to use kerosene lanters, if you have a well ventilated area you could use these, instead i recommend to you one of those camping battery powered lanterns, we have 3 in out household, while last year we didn't need all of them we did take 2 over to hubbys folks house as they were without power.

5 a cooking source, be it a bbq or a camp stove, highly recommened in fact a requierment to use outside.. this will help you have warm food(soup is great to have on hand)

6 a manual can opener. i was talking to a lady last year after the storms and she told me a story that made me laugh so hard. seems her new dil wanted to make dinner for everyone, but she couldn't figure out how to open the can of chili they were going to have. finally this lady told her where the manual can opener was, bet she felt silly lol

7. medications to last at least 2 weeks, longer is better but sometimes you can't. this includes anything medical for you or anyone in your family who needs it

8 warm clothing and blankets

9 if you are lucky enough to have a home with a wood stove or fire place remember to keep plenty of wood on hand.

10. if you have a infant or small child in the house, make sure you have enough disposable diapers,baby formula, baby food if necesary.

11. if you have a generator, remember to use safe operating proceedure. and do NOT over ride your main electrical wiring as if there is a utility worker working on the lines near your house, they can be electricuted due to you having live wires, this last winter that happened up here in washington state

13. oh yea and the most of important thing of all JUST KIDDING!!!!

yarn and hook/needles, something to keep busywith. god bless all of you who took the time to read these saftey tips, may god bless us with a worry free year for everyone. thanks for reading this. and ciao for tonight

if anyone can think of anything to add to this which would make life safer and better in a emergency please leave me a message and i will include your information including your name as to thought of it :D i know the red cross probably has a more detailed list but i thought this might be a start. for anyone who wants to get one from the red cross disaster relief, contact your local chapter of the american red cross
one other note, if anyone has elderly or infermed neighbors who can't for some reason take total care of themselves, please please watch over them as if they were part of your family and if its not possible to do that for everyone, please make sure that someone can help them ie the fire department/police or sherriff departmen
thank you everyone for reading this. i appreciateyou taking the time to read this posting i feel is so important to all. if only one life can be saved its so well worth it, ciao for now!!!!!!!!!!!


Anita said...

GREAT reminder! We talk about doing an emergency pack and from time to time get something to add to it, but it's sorely lacking!

(((((HUGS))))) sandi said...

A mountain dulcimer should also be on your list~LOL! (((((HUGS))))) sandi

P.S. There are sooo many people in my neighborhood who still heat with kerosene! We do at times, too. It saves A LOT of $$$$$!

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