Sunday, September 16, 2007


yarn is my best friend and worse enemy. i have more yarn than well a yarn store lol so have decided to give a bunch away, if you live in the pierce/king county right now and are intersted in some yarn for a reasonable price(free) let me know. i am sorry i can't send out of town unless you have a paypal account and then is fine with me, i hate to just throw it to good will or some place like that so figured would offer it up to ya all if interested send me a message here with your email(i won't publish it i promise) maybe it will help both of us . lol you want to know how can i trust her, well since its paypal is simple, until it reaches your house the money would stay in my account, i would insist on delivery confermation and ins, simply because in past i had a order for over 200.00 plus anothe huge box i sent to the person who had gotten the yarn and stupid me didn't get delivery confermation or ins, so i ended up eating the cost of replacement, but the odd thing is i never recieved it back, and inside had my name and address in so not sure what happened there. k enough said about that but thats why i insist on precautions,i don't like being taken advantage of and don't like doing it to others. so if it bothers you in any way don't bother to ask for any yarn, if it don't bother you i am looking forward to hearing from you, postage typically for around 10 pounds give or take , i don't have time to weigh it all so it might be more might be less but will be a nice size box of yarn regardless of the weight, so for the first 10 people let me know alright? hugs


Anita said...

WOW! Free yarn! Tempting!

(((((HUGS))))) sandi said...

It's VERY tempting for me too, though I'd need to send a MO. It's also birthday season at my house, but a newbie with 2 skeins is gettin' a little excited at the idea! LOL! (((((HUGS))))) sandi

vicki said...

sandi i need to know your name and addy also i need to know if you can pay paypal since i don't know you sorry i am sure you understand, if for both our protection let me know if you really want sone and i will do my best to make it happen. please give me your email in a responce i promise to not publish it so we can chat about it if you are really interested. thanks again, same with you anita if you really want some let me know is not a gimic i just have wayyyy to much yarn and need to destash, if i don't have any takers by the end of this week(respoces with email addys are needed) thanks you guys let me know

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