Monday, September 10, 2007

we will never forget sept11th,

september 11th was one of the worst days in the history of the united states and other countries who were affected by this tragedy. so many people lost their life, and continue to do so to this day in retrospect, we must NEVER forget those who have sacrificed so very much. for all those lives who were lost, you all will live on in memory, personally my family was very lucky that horrible day. my bil worked in the pentagon, where the plane crashed into it, that was his area. but he was on sick leave due to a broken finger he recieved when he and my sister were arm wrestling. but for the grace of god he would not be alive today so we were soooo very blessed. also when richard was injured . he hurts but he is alive. for those of you who lost loved ones or friends, neighbors or just fellow countrymen my heart bleeds for you. please take a moment of silence at the exact time the firstplane hit the tower and say a prayer if you do for helpin ending this reign of terror. may the ones who are responsible for this, some day you cowards, you will pay. someday justice will be done and you shall die like you killed all of those innocent people including children. may god bless all of you were and are still effected by this tragedy, as a american i thank you and pray for you all god bless those were lost their lives or anyone you all knew, take care and god bless you all

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Anita said...

We as a country must never forget. I didn't know anyone personally at the time who was in the WTC or NYC, for that matter... but now each American has their story of how it has affected them and their lovedones, and will for the rest of our lives and generations to come.

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