Wednesday, August 8, 2007

hump day

why is it that wensdays are called humpday is it because the week is half over? thats what i think lol, well today we started week 2 of our vacation, last wendsday we went to oregon, down the coast highway to astoriam had lunch at the rogue pub, now as i have never been there to that particular place, but since hubby has been wanting to check out rogue for a while when i saw the sign mentioned to him so we stopped, now the first thing i have to tell you is how we had to get over there. this place was on a pier, not a reg pier either, you drive out onto the pier. the boards are not even all rough shorn ones, you can only go mayba 5 mph if that, is starting to freak me out, but we made it across fine, but i am getting ahead of myself, when we crossed into oregon at astoria, we had to come across the mouth of the columbia river. most people think a mouth of a river big deal, it is a big deal is over 5 miles across that river on a bridge that takes you first way up in the air so ships can go under it and then down right on the water, you can almost reach right out and feel it then you climb again, straight up almost is way cool. as we went into astoria we saw a sogn that said the lewis and clark trail,we had saw signs that said that as we were headed down highway 6 to get to the bridge. the sights are simply amazing. now back to rogue, we ate lunch there and while the food was not bad, its nothing major and something i would write home to mom about. and expensive.... omgosh we spent there about 50.00 and that was for a french dip sandwhich, a hamburger and about 4 or 5 beers and sodas, while it would not have been quite that much i bought hubby a couple bottles of beer he had not tried and while he said was good , wasn't worth 5.00 a bottle of beer., after we messed around astoria for a while we decided to head back north on hwy 101, which is very senic, we decided to go to long beach that believe me is one long beach 12 miles of sand all in a long peninusala, but it too was way cool. we then decided to not stay and headed for home, stopped in aberdeen so we could stretch our legs and get something to eat cause was late and hubby had not eatten anything.

it was a nice day we went about 333 miles and in my car which as some of ya know is a 97 thunderbird with a v-8 in it and we got 22 miles to a gallon. not to shabby huh?

mostly what we have been doing is going over to my father in laws house,. i am so worried about him. he has lost a ton of weight since mom died , he isn;t eatting nor does he have much energy, someone has been over there almost daily, i am very worried about him,

but he enjoys us coming always thanks us, on monday of this week we found out that someone had tried to break into dd's car, and they forced the window down which procedded in breaking the glass, messing up the whole motor compartment, and other parts of the window motor, thank god have ins, came to a grand total of 900.00, so while we were waiting to have the car fixed decided to stop at dads house, he was up on the ladder trying to trim his cedar bushes. now his legs already bother him so hubby said dad let me do it
so he trimmed them for him, i ended p coming home as i had a few things to do and get at the post office and store. so did those then went back over and picked hubby up.

havn't really done alot, but we have 3 more weeks to do something in. hubby is talkinf about maybe going to reno but not sure if that will happen, but whatever does at least he is off work for a while and can try and relax a bit

i been messing around with diff yarns, made a couple hats and a couple scarfs, now am working on a thread shawl, am thinking of before i go any farther of drafting it out on graph paper , i have some ideas in my head but not sure if i can do it without the graph paper. so need to make myself some of that., or better yet buy some lol am kind of lazy cause i suck at drawing

but i am using a pretty blue thread, size 3, so wish me luck, if i get the design how i want am going to submit it and see if i can sell it, i know i need to do that with some other patterns but so far haven't, my friend fran tells me i should, so maybe if i get my butt in gear i can maybe make some money hehe.

also to let ya all know after my vacation is over i am going to list a bunch of yarns and if i can get a good deal for both of us. awesome i will sell at below retail cost, but i will need to make a little money otherwise will list on ebay. which i need to do for alot of my patterns, i have so many nice patterns that are kind of rare that why should i just let them gather dust bunnies.

well ya all i am going to try and post some pics of my trip so will see if it works, until tomorrow or the next time i blog ciao and god bless

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WilBlg4Yrn said...

Hey y'all can take a road trip to Kentucky!! lol
We have guest room and hot tub!
Anyway, that bridge sounds wild!

Oh and you can find free graph paper charts here
In PDF form and you just print it out if you need some and can't get to the store.

Sounds like a cool shawl!

Hope you continue to have a good vacation.
I also pray you father-in-law starts doing better.
Sometimes it happens and sometimes not. It's a shame though.

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