Wednesday, August 15, 2007

hey ya all. thought i would post in green cause its a green day oops wait thats a band lol today we went to point defiance, we were going to go to the ocean but when i got up this morning it was cloudy and if its cloudy here odds aer there its alot more cloudy, sigh maybe next week, this month has been the wierdest august i ever saw, i seriously can not remember one where its been so cool and cloudy nine out of 10 times. my garden is huge though, must be the fertalizer hubby put in cause the tomato plants are over 7 feet tall(i kid you NOT they realllly are and as soon as i can get blogger to let me post a pic, then i will post a pic for all to see, the corn is about 5 feet tall now well almost 5 maybe 4'9" still all in all its almost as tall as me and i am 5'1", the only thing not growing as well as i would like is the cucumbers. for some reason this year they are not doing much, but oh well at least everything else is growing good

tonight for dinner we grilled chicken breasts, and son sliced potatos and cooked those on the stove while hubby cooked the chicken, i cleaned and cooked fresh yellow, purple green and bicolored beans(they are read and green but cook up green) was a very yummy dinner and the nicest thing is we ate as a family, in years past we always sat down at the table and ate together, but with both kids and hubby working different jobs and times is almost never anymore except maybe at holidays . and now of course since mom is no longer with us not sure how dad is going to feel about coming out for dinner as much, we been trying to make sure he isn't alone much, it must be so hard for him i man they have been married 57 years thats longer than my life span at this time.he he he. is gonna be hard i know. how i miss that dear sweet lady. this weekend gonna get all the rest of the thank you cards done and sent out that way its over with.

i am sorry to be such a downer about it, its still so very fresh in my mind and i just need to vent i guess. everyone around here tiptoes about the details and i want to know, i mean seriously i feel that her being so dehydrated she basicly had her body shut down. and why the doc couldn't see that is beyond me,. he had called the day before she died and said she needed to drink a glass a water a hour. now how come he didn't put her in the hospital and get her hydrated. i suppose is no ones fault but somehow i feel it is his anywhoooo its done and i suppose we must go forward, but how do you, every day when i see her empty chair i cry inside fil has me sit there with my legs up cause of my back and i feel her arms around me.

o.k new subject. i finished a purse today with the knit picks cotton yarn i got from my cotton yarn partner crochet fanatic aka teresa i will post pics and show ya all soon, still have to line it, its pretty though striped with purple,then lime green(like this color) then blue and then pink(hot pink) then started over 2 times more for each. now to decide who to give it to or to keep it for myself hmmm must decide hAhAHA i already did , sorry ya all i am keeping it to remind me of what a special person teresa is and how much i love the yarn and have always wanted to use it. still thinking of the heavier cotton wether or not to make it a rug or a tote bag, decisions decisions decisions lmao

alright have bored ya all enough, till tomorrow or when ever i get off my lazy behind and post i bid you a good night, well at least for now, going to try and post some pics now hope it works., hugs and god bless to all who read this, thank you for that i know alot of who reads it and it makes me happy to have such awesome friends. love ya all

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