Wednesday, August 29, 2007

September 12th is crochet day

the great and talented jimbo of the famous

has decreed that september 12th be proclaimed as crochet day, is a international holiday now(or hoping to make it into one lol) i have decided that i am going to dedicate the entire day to crochet. i shall crochet morning noon and night. in my quest to help make life a little easier for those who are homeless or in need of some extra warmth,i am going to make scarves but the first ones i make am going to send to someone who sooo deserves something nice for himself, watch and see what i come up. god bless you all and remember get your hooks out and make something for someone in need. or yourself if you want but remember what a great feeling it is knowing that you can and will be able to make a difference. so for tomorrow and each day till sep 12th do for others who can't do for themselves and dedicate that awesome day to others, as we mourn the fallen on sept11th, let us also rejoice on september 12th in knowing how much you can make a difference, even if you only did it for one person and that person paid it forward, think how awesome it will make you feel so get all of your crochet hooks warmed and ready crochet artists and crochet to your hearts content, remember september 12 th is YOUR day. please share what your going to do, we all want to try and be in the best form ever, have fun and enjoy your very own crochet day september 12th hugs for you all and god bless

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