Tuesday, August 28, 2007

summer is almost gone

summer was here for such a short time, our weather we had was not very summery for most of it but at least now its trying to make a come back one wee problem with that is that hubby has to go back to work, son is back teaching next week although not the way he wanted to be, is so sad to think this smart young man(i know he is myson but his IQ is close to genius, we had him tested) can't even get hired on at our local school districts. instead, they import teachers from other areas such as california, several jobs he applied for were filled by out of state teachers. there is something wrong with that picture imo.why should he be forced to leave not only his friends but also his family in order to relocate to get a job, why can't the districts here hire teachers from washington, why go to other states, wanna know why? i know why, is because they can pay them less than a instate teacher. where my son's starting pay with a masters in education will be somewhere in the area of 55,000.00 the teachers from california even with a masters are being paid about 40,000.00, thats a savings of 15,000.00 for them, never mind that he/she has the same qualifications, they are not in state teachers, this is so wrong, pay the teachers what they are worth(i know alot of people feel like teachers are over paid, did you know they are required to pay for all their own supplies and also to have some on hand for students who either don't bring them but more often than not they can't afford the supplies, well of course then the teacher has to pay, all of us parents who had or have kids in school know how much it cost to send our kids outfitted with the proper learning tools. sorry for such a long rant, am just so angry that this stupid state of washington does not know what they are losing, soon they are going to be begging for teachers again, area growth is higher than ever, more and more places are being raped to bring the almight dollar to places that should be left pristine and in wilderness. everywhere i look i see apartments, condos, houses, strip malls, independant stores ect. kk am stepping down off my soap box but dang it ya all know what i mean i think, at least i hope so

alright new subject(i hear that sigh of relief people lol)

today i finished one hat and made another one, not sure what i 'm going to do with them but may just make alot and donate them to the mission to give out to the homeless, although not sure if a guy would wear that red one i just finisged, the blue one am more sure of as it is more masculine but the red one is soooo soft and pretty. gonna be hard pressed not to keep it myself. send me the encourgment i need to give this away or even sell it anything but keeping it. i have no will power. course i figure it is because i have no patience either. been a bad bad girl lol

i am getting ready to send another box over to iraq thru the anysoldier.com web site
i actually troops i send to are marines but they appreciate everything i send them, they are a great bunch of kids, this year because this will be their 2nd christmas based there, i have decided to make them all a snow flake and also sew them all a tiny stocking out of felt and stuff with some goodies, well ya all am off to dream land, i don't sleep half what i should so better get some sleep while i can. take care and god bless you all, may you enjoy this last few weeks of summer, what ya think we going to have a early fall? i think so last night i heard crickets, thats a sure sign of fall

for you elizabeth here is a pattern posting you might want to seehttp://cgi.ebay.com/Ellen-Bruce-1163-Crochet-Swan-Centerpiece-COPY_W0QQitemZ8279138721QQihZ020QQcategoryZ41233QQcmdZViewItemthe one i have is newer but this might work if i can't find mine to everyone who reads blog, is nice to know my words mean something bewahahahahahaha ciao for tonight, god bless and keep you all until tomorrow, maythe road rise to meet you and you take the high road to where you are met with sunshine and laughter, fun and happiness. in other words, a good time lol hugs to ya all ciao for now

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Wendy said...

Hi Vicki, sorry to hear your son is having a hard time getting hired as a teacher. Wages in my area of California for teachers are from $50K to $80K. I would assume that people are moving from California because they don't like the hot climate here or want to try something different, not about being paid less then they could here. Also, I am sure houses are more affordable there.

Also, while I bought Sierra school supplies, I found out she didn't need them and also have learned that the PTA helps with the cost of the supplies.

Take Care Vicki! I hope your husband is feeling better. I, myself am going through an awful tooth issue, root canal, etc. I think it won't go away for me until I just get it pulled.

Oh, and one last thing. Have you looked into contacting the pharmaceutical company directly to find out if you can get reduced prescriptions? I have learned a lot about trying to get my meds more affordable.

1. Walmart and Target have lists of over 200 meds that are $4.

2. Costco is $5 less per month for some of my meds, which annually saves me $70 per year.

3. Go to pharmaceutical company websites and look for their prescription assistance programs.

I hope this helps reduce your cost a bit.

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