Thursday, July 26, 2007


hey ya all, how ya doing this fine thursday morning. well it i morning but i have not been to bed yet as it is 1:24 am here, hence the good morning lol

went to the po on wend had 4 packages, sent one to iraq one to fran in texas, one to the girl on the ville looking for the white yarn
and crud i can not remember who else i sent one too ack thats going to drive me nuts

oh i remember
sent jimbo his afghan i promised him. i hope you like it my friend, i know i love my hooks and i got the better end of the deal so hope you enjoy, i thought i would make it big enough for you and you wife, it will keep you warm i hope you llike i

well its been 2 weeks since mama passed away and also uncle , someone has been over to see dad at least once a day. he is trying so hard and i know how much it must kill him . yesterday he got the hospital bill and omgosh i thought he was going to have a heart attact himse
lf, they charged almost 1600.o0 for a 2 bed room which she never even used. its no wonder that people can't afford to get sick, i called and asked wha the charge for the room was for, she explained it that because of the condition mom was in, she met the criteria due to how sick she was she was admited an because of that she was charged for the room, now tell me how freaking stupid that is will ya, that and the fact the charge for blood she never got because she died before they could get it to her. i am so frustrated. health care in this country sucks take my meds for example i get 90 pills 90 pills that cost my ins company 1500.00 dollars, i am flabbergassd. and i am angry, the other meds i take is for 120 pills i saw the bill for those too, another 650.00 for 120 pill, grand total m2150.00 k sorry its a bad subject for me, a darn bad one, thank god we have healh ins which pays for it but thats why hhn(hubby, caan;t retire) alright on to the next subject :D

i made a couple more bags to sell, is the our lady of guadelopee, i had finished jacqui's 2 she wanted amd mu dd saw them and asked what i had plans for with one of the bag, wether or not it was sold , i told her go for it she said really? got a big smile on her face, oh its nice to be appreciated my friends :D so i decided to go ahead and mae anothor one and then of course i could not stop at just the one as i had the maerials out so made 3 of those and another skull finifty one as well for mu good friend jessie, she is having kind of a hard time so thought it might cheer her up hang in there darling it will get better with time,

well ya all am off to dream land as i am dead beat on my feet, well maybe not on them literly but ya know what i mean :P god bless all who has been so kind to me and out family, we greatly appreciate ya all. night now talk to ya soon love ya and god bless ya[

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