Tuesday, March 27, 2007

happy tuesday

hey ya all, how was your day, mine as good for the most part. some bad though as goes with the times. the bad things are, while my neighbords are on their way home from their winter home arizona even as i said this someone broke into their gardening shed where they keep the lawn mower and stole it last week,. i feel bad as they survived all winter without anymone doing anything bad and now this happened. i guess it could have been worse.they could have broken into the house. k enough bad it depresses me,LOL

today went shopping and had some fun, got a food saver for 30.00 reg 100.00, got me a nice pretty cotton blue sweater for 5.00 reg 35.00, some awesome books both crochet and knit and even cross stitch patterns for some cool prices, i got donna koolers crochet encyclpidea for 5.00, a donna kooler 555 cross stitch for 3.00 a crocheted aryan sweater book for 5.00 and a bunch if other cool stuff at the dollar tree, some yarn for another couple scarves i have orders for, and then i got to hancocks, for those of you who don't know what a hancock is is a store that is a fabric store, they also have yarn and books and best of all beads,yes i am on a major bead kick, i sooo need to expand my collection without pinching some from my dd's collection, i also want more charns. today i hit the JACKPOT YIPEEEEE, i found a TON OF CHARM PACKS I am sooo excited , more tomorrow since i am dead on my feet, take care ya all and happy tuesday :)


Priscilla said...

More BEADS! Sounds like a trip to shipwrecks.LOL.

vicki said...

yep,yep,yep hopefully very soon. lol

Kari said...

Sucks about the neighbors mower getting stolen, but you're right it could have been worse.

Haven't been to a Hancocks in years. I remember growing up where that was the only fabric store around.

Anyway I am back and trying to catch up missed ya!

vicki said...

found out yesterday they also stole a air compressor and also a pressure washer, all told about 1500.00 worth i am so mad at them , i hope they catch them fast

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