Monday, March 12, 2007

hey ya all

hi guys been a while since i blogged, just so darn tired all the time, sometimes i wonder how i make it through the day.

been busy trying to get my house in shape for spring, need to do some serious destashing too so am hoping to add a list to here soon, hopefully by the 1st will have a list up and running. you will be suprised at how much stuff i am going to sell. hope ya all take a look when its ready and if your so inclinded to buy that you do from me as i will most absoultely be cheaper than the store or even e-bay.

today spent some time making squares for jessie on the ville, she recently lost her hubby and we all are pitching in for a ghan for her and her girls. jessie i am sooo sooo sorry this happened to you honey and all i can do is send you strong good thoughts hoping that it can help in some way. hang in and try and just deal with it best as you can honey cause it will hit you and then just let it go and let it out honey. blessed be for all of your family. sending big hugs

also have chatted with shell alot, her and fran seem to be the only ones on lately. and i was so tired tonight i didn't even sign in to yahoo, meant to but forgot , duhhh i am sorry fran if i missed you.

went shopping at joanns today as they had a pretty good sale this week, and while there were coupons, supposidly could only use 1 for fabric so i decided i had had enough of the sales clerks attitude(that was all she had was a major attitude)

and asked her well then how can i use thm all, she said seperate checks, i said fine man lol was she is like a seagull, you ride the wind and let rip poo everywhere laughing uncontrolably


got some nice material today as well as craft fusible webbin, indeed i found it fran hows that for paying arttentions, also got some different yard age for really cheap,will use it all i know. well till the next time i will blog when i get a chance to take pictures , i shall try and get some good ones, hard to say though since i have not taken them yet, so shall see what my trusty camera does for me hugs to you , take care and goodnight to all hugs and more hugs

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jacquiwheadon said...

Hi Vicki darl glad you are recovering from your illness darl. Sorry you are so tired you should be taking lots of mega B vitamins to build yourself up my darl and don't overdo things. You need to look after you. I miss you heaps just never seem to be on at the right times lately. Love ya heaps mate Jacqui XOXO

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