Sunday, March 25, 2007

happy spring

hey you all, happy happy spring, while my family thinks i am nuts when spring sprung forwards , my whole mood changes, i become happy and cheerful, i guess its the fact that winter is one long depressing time in my life which happens every year
maybe i have that sadds , or however ya spell it. the light thing, like people who live in alaska. omg endless nights in the winter i would die. now at least the days and nights are almost the same time periods, and its much nicer that i can wait to put shadow to bed till around 7:30 or 8:00 pm instead of 4:30 like in december, i am so hoping to get them use to each other more so he don't have to be in the kennel.

worked on squares today edging the squares for a friends comfortghan and once she recieves it will post a picture of it for all to see, once again want to thank everyone involved. from those who made squares to those who donated shipping costs we did it together and it is turning out beautiful.

next to that been crocheting ALOT, have another purse done and one i am almost done with another then on to do my partners tote bag she asked for in the swap

now a request for those who pray or those who don't believe in it if you could send good thoughts , my sister is in a bad way, needless to say i am very worried about her . it all started when her land lady decided she wanted to move back into the house they have been renting for 9 years, where she has been a wonderful tenant, always looking to improve things doing it for nothing and asking nothing, this is how she is rewarded, now on to the 2nd problem. the ships are ALL in fleet and finding a place to rent is next to impossible for the amount she was paying here.

fast forward a few days, they have decided they are going to move into th little travel trailor my mom lived in for many years, it will work temporarily, not that they can stay there forever as they have 4 kids a dog and a cat and there is not much room, the good thing is on the property, is a garage that may if reworked properly(bil has a ton of friends who are in the contstruction buisness so it would not be alot to make it liveable for them. anyways if you would eithr pray or send them good thougts would be awesome apprecited.

so now ya all know what i have been up to lately, what have y9ou all come on and show me what ya

been working on

well my head is starting to nod off occasionsly and i need to head to bed. take care and god bless you. till tomorrow when the sun rises and embrase the day goodnight and hugs i all who are hear. ciao

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