Tuesday, March 20, 2007

me sowwy lol

i am so sorry you all who read my blog on a reg basis. i am a bad blogger, i am not afraid to admit it either lol,

been having alot of fun making stitch markers and earrings ect i sooo could get into beading but my hands i don't think would handle it maybe somewhat but not sure, sure is fun though lol, i adore going and looking thru all the beads at walmart/joanns and michaels, found some awesome ones at all of the stores

here is a few pics of some i have made see above hehe

well tomorrow is the first official day of spring, although i personaly think it should be labeled for the 21st since that IS the first FULL day of spring, all of my plants are going nuts, i can only hope now that we don't have a major freeze, otherwise all of the plants will die. another ham is my kitty itsy, she use to be a itsy bitsy, but as you can tell she has grown alot now.

been working on making purses too, have a swap partner who i have not heard from, wish you could comtact me a soon as possible so i have a idea what you would really like or i guess its suprise instead lol lol.

also working on a suprise for my secret pal, now also, but no pics in case she reads my blog lol.

went to michaels today as i had to go pay the car ins today so figured i needed something to make me come out of sticker shock, yes sticker shock as my ins is alot , but its because we have such good coverage, i don;t want happening to anyone else what happened to me. god forbid shouldit happen to someone in my family . sooo anyways back to my goodies :D i got some nice yarn and thread andalso some charms and other jewelry making supplies, and some awesome white patons grace thread to make my friend who i know reads my blog so am sooo not saying what it is, all i can say is its goingto be very pretty hehe

well am off to get some shut eye i think lol might decide to crochet for a little while too as my dear darling daughter is still out and no reason to wake up twice now is there. for my friend shell who is having a hard time right now, just hang in there darling and it will get better soon. one day at a time babe, is the best way to work thru this too. just live it one day at a time works for me sweetie hugs to you
all and god bless

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