Sunday, April 1, 2007

happy april fools day

anyone have someone who likes to play tricks? every year my son trys and fails to succedd as we look now NOW to see if he has tried, its usually the old shaving cream on the door handle trick lameeeeeeeeeeeeeee lol

today went down to hub's aunt and uncles house for a open house for his uncles 75th b-day, was very nice, his aunt had open house for all his friends and family,

i found out today though that hubbys cousin's hubby who is in the army here at ft lewis was injured really bad and is here at madigan trying to recover, please include him in your prayers. his name is richard a nd he has a broken jaw, face was just about blown up, basicly he can't eat as his jaw is wired shut, his cheek bones are damagaed, basicly broken, this young man gave his entire health to make sure we are protected. please send a how are you thought his way
i am thinking about making him a comfortghan if anyone wants to help please let me know as i think that would mean alot to him, in fact tomorrow am going to call aunt and ask her opinion. i think she will love the idea finished the ghan for our friend on the ville and i hope she loves it as much as we had fun making it i know i did anyways. anyhow hope ya all have a great week, friday is good friday and sunday is easter, what will you guys be doing? we are having dd's b-day and a nice dinner. well am off to blog some more soon. hugs for you all

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