Friday, June 12, 2009

its june what can i say SUMMERTIME WOOOHOOOO

hey ya all thought i would pop in and say hello, i finally have internet access in the house we are living in now is sooo wierd having 2 homes and is killing me paying bills on 2 places not sure what we are going to do i know it can't go on indefinetly, am hoping one of the kids move in here although i really dont mind during the summer as i am very much enjoying the air conditioning in this house

i have been busy crocheting things i recently made a baby blanket and a pair of booties for a friend of my sons actually a fellow teacher who has had a hard time carrying a pregnancy to term, she had 4 miscarriages and this one is cooking in the over good lol which means its a good thing as the baby us fine and healthy and hopefully in a couple months she will deliver a healthy baby girl here is a pic of the blanket.i know it looks like a giant granny sq but it isn't it has bobbles in the pattern all across the 4 sides she loved it and i hope you enjoy it also

the weather has been so nice here, no rain for almost 3 weeks so got to get out there and water more want a green lawn not brown sigh

speaking of yarn i scored so good at goodwill today i could not resist, got almost 50 skeins of yarn for 12.00 how cool was that. this lady looks at me and says did you take ALL the yarn i said yes i did. for those prices how can i turn it down going to resell in my etsy shop or share with some of my friends

its almost all worsted weight there was a couple skeins of 100 % wool but i sent those to keesha as she can use it also now i take turns between kathy and keesha speaking of both your packages are on the way girls wooohooo can;t wait for ya both to get them

tomorrow we will be working in the attic trying to get everything out of there so we can go through the stuff and decide what to keep what to sell and what to get rid of by giving away. THEN once we get the house done we will be going to the storage unit mom rented over 20 years ago when i think of the money they spent on this place it kills me 120.00 a month times 12 months times 20 years thats 1440.00 X 20 the mind boggles me thats $28,800.00 enough to build a triple car garage and for what all stuff that will most likely be sold ot given away sigh

last weekend we planted lilies and dahlias along the fence line the next door neighbor wanted to know what we were planting i said lilies and dahlias you should have seen his face i said no worries the lilies are only 2 feet high he frecently planted some blue berry bushes and huckleberry bushes and was worried about the sun being blocked. he don;t have to worry about anything lol i want to get busy on my quilts soon too need to find time to make them i am making one for a special friend who has undergone a huge amount of problems and she needs a pick me up i have been so blessed having so many good people i can call friends while i can;t say i know everything about them i do know the ones i care about would do anything for me as i would for them life is good you know it when you have someone telling you how much they love and care about you like i said am very blessed love you all take care and be blessed by your own wonderful friends. it takes a friend to know a friend and you all are mine and i am so thankful for you
love ya catch ya later hugs and love vicki

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Anonymous said...

And what a yarn score you got!!
Hmm You gonna share with a certain friend????? HMMMMM.......
You should see the score I got on Knitting kneedles, now All I got to do is figure out how to knit.
OH and we had RAIN!!!!!!!!! Yippeee!!! Jean

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