Sunday, June 14, 2009

hey ya all how are ya tonight? i am so darn tired i can hardly stand up. got the attic all cleared out and went threw most of it all alot is going to be sold or given away to charity we have sooooooo much stuff i am amazed how much stuff there is will maybe have a yard sale or go to the swap meet

with my new stash of all the bright colors from yesteryear(lord u never knew there was so many pretty colors i seldom had more yarn that what i was doing the stash was non existent and i was busy raising my kids anyways. now im finding these wonderful greens and purples hot pink for year could not find hot pink anyways am going to make myself a afghan with these bright colors and black for the borders will be beautiful i might use the chappel i think is called hat for it i have it in a afghan book or might do a flower one either way will be very pretty OR i might just make sq of my own design and lots of colors switching around who knows

i was so happy to help enid with her sq for her sil patty they turned out really nice so am double happy to help her. she is such a sweetie we need to go to lunch or something when we both have time.

i miss talking to my friends online as i have been sooo busy but now i have internet i can chat at night too. is hard going back and forth between the 2 houses but well is what i have to do so i do it

the weather has been just gorgeous, im glad jean that you finally got the rain i sent it to you so you would have it and save your crops sweetie am glad mother nature listened to me doing my rain dance


not up to much else just working between the 2 houses is hard for now but will get better im sure

well am off to surf the web and see what kind of trouble i can get into lol take care ya all love ya


Anonymous said...

Hey in your attic searches did you find any spinning wheels????

Definatelty do the chapeau afghan. I had one started and was edging it in black. Guess I should start on it one day!! Or a flower afghan would look great!! Or a mile a minute.

Oh and ty for sending the rain could you send some more?? We finally got water hauled so it can rain all it wants to. Jean

vicki said...

i wish i did jean that would have been awesome but alas mom was not crafty at all her extent to that was embroidery and she did that well but alas no knitting or crocheting grandma did so got her hooks and some patterns

i am debating i might do the tumbling blocks instead will wait and see hope to catch up with ya later today hugs my friend vicki

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