Sunday, June 21, 2009

more pictures

my kitties and a stellar jay we had 4 of them in the yard today fighting over the peanuts silly birds. the little kittens are babies from one of the adult cats dh has at work. the orange one has some eye problems that its mama needs to take care of and will im sure aren't they adorable? there are 6 more am off to find other pics of the 2 other ones i saw there is 4 more i saw but did not get pics of yet. hugs and happy fathers day to all those of you who are fathers day to all those who are dads or mom and dads both and thank you to all our dads out there serving in the military away from their family on fathers day god bless and keep all of you hugs and love vicki


Anonymous said...

ooh those are the sweetes kitties!!!!!!!!!! WIsh I was closer then I could adopt a couple.

vicki said...

aren't they adorable. the siamese is coaster our blue eyed man and the others are the kittys at work

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