Wednesday, May 20, 2009

hey ya all, stopping by to say hello, and to brag about my score today hehehehe, sooooo first i went to goodwill at one place nada nothing good at all, so then hit the freeway and went to another one, no yarn but they did have 7 cool afghan leafets, oh before i get ahead of myself i also went to joes which is a sporting goods/auto store here going out of business and scored for my dh a awesome pair of 3 ton jackstands these go for almost 60.00 i paid 6.00 SCORE!!!!!!!

anyways then went out to the other goodwill and they had the afghan leaflets got them for a buck nice huh and inside of it was one for the american and national league football teams crocheted pattern for afghans SCORE!!!!!!!!

so then stopped at michaels as i wanted to see if they had their new yarn nope but they DID have some awesome clearance sales. so i got 6 skeins of patons 100% merino wool yarnfor 1.99(those are already spoken for)

11 skeins of sugar and cream self stiping cotton yarn in the shades of pink for 79 cents a skein SCORE!!!!

also got 2 skeins of red heart softie yarn and a skein of red heart sport yarn 99 cents SCORE!!!!!!

also i got 3 skeins of red heart the big skeins of worsted weight acrylic yarn i need for a project 99 cents each grand total 30.oo SCORE the merino wool alone goes for 6.00 to 7.00 a skein and its the prettiest yarn but as i said already spoken for.

not up to much tonight getting ready to head back over to dads house for the night am tired and hungry and want to get something to eat soon.

am working on some sq for a dear friends sil she has been diagnosed with a nasty disease and she is making her a comfortghan so i am helping.

hope you all are doing well and i miss all of you who use to come and make comments is there a reason why you don't? if so please let me know , you all have my email or can post it here i won't post it if you don't want. i am sorry if i upset anyone and hope this is not the case and just that you all are busy with life as i am

we are doing as good as can be expected. still waiting for the attorney to contact us about the probate tomorrow will be one week so hope to hear soon.

hope you all have a wonderful week and will post again before the weekend(i promise to try) am doing some raok on ravelry found some friends who need a few things and they live outside the us so am doing my best to send them things they can enjoy and i can afford, also for my dear friend jacqui darl i am packing your package up and will send it asap still adding to it hehehe take care all and hope you enjoy this weather if its nice where you are , if not i am sending you some happy sunshine memories from me hehe hugs and love for all vicki


Jean said...

wow! You have been quite busy!!!
Do I get a care package too???
I've been really really really good!!!!!!!!!

Anyway just popped by to say hello!!! Jean

Jenn said...

I'm glad to hear you scored so well today. I peek in and read on occasion, but haven't been posting much comment wise anywhere. I love reading your blog, it's so Vicki :)

aka Angeleyz14 from the place that shall not be named ;)

Hilary said...

Hey hon, how've ya been? It's been a long time! Hope life is treating you well!

vicki said...

hi hilary jenn and jean, thanks guys for posting i was begining to think no one read it anymore lol jenn how are you have missed you hope you are well, same with you hilary gosh honey we need to get together soon and chat. jean you might have been verry verry good but hmmmm shall i say i sometimes think you are teasing me bewahahahaha of course you are , hon if i could send you some you know i would but the postage alone would kill me hehe hugs and love to you all vicki

Deneen said...

Hey Vicky-thanks for stopping by and I am sorry about your FIL-I couldn't find you on Rav-where are ya?

Anonymous said...

Me tease you!!!! NAW!!!!!!!

Besides you sent me a lovely xmas gift that I am still enjoying!!!!
Hope you are doing ok and hope to chat with you soon. Jean

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