Friday, June 19, 2009

hi everyone i hope this finds you all doing well, i have been having one of those weeks that are just dragging on and on and on. sigh

we still have not heard back on dh vacation time, i don;t know if i posted this before or not but will again and if you read it once please forgive this tired ladies posting but this just ticks me off something fierce. see here is the situation the forman who is my husband and the one with almost 40 years under his belt has first choice of the time he wants off for vacation, then here comes this jerk who has 5 years at best but is a special needs person demanding he get that time cause he always has had it that way. and the boss is saying we are both going to have to give which is BS should be dh and if they don;t then will go ahead of his boss and file a grievance with the union if nothing is done then we are suing for that please keep good thoughts for him we sooo do not need this stress on top of everything else and especially this year with dad passing away we need the 6 weeks off in a row to just relax

been crocheting on a new doily not going to show it as the person whos it is for reads my blog and i don;t want her to see it ahead of time , i know she probably already knows its a doily as i asked her what she wanted and thats what she said but its going to be soooo pr

these are pictures of my roses i have growing aren;t they beautiful oh the smell is heavenly too i adore my roses and hope you have enjoyed them also

this one to my left of the words i started from a single flower my sister gave me and now ia full grown rose bush

i also have a bunch of other pictures still on my camera and will post it asap

i hope you all have a wonderful weekend and for all those dads out there happy fathers day i miss both of my dads this is a hard year for us dads only been gone 2 months and it seems we are forever thinking about him

thanks to my dear friends and sisters who helped me through my day when we heard news about someone we all care about, you know who you are dear hearts i love you all my friends be at peace special friend i love you


Anonymous said...

Oh I love your roses!!!!!!!!!!
If mine bloom this year, I will take pictures too.

Hey just thought, why don't you compromise on the holidays and take three weeks off. Then you can have another three weeks off later.
I know your hubby has first shot but this would keep the peace...


vicki said...

thanks jean glad you like them. as for the vacation no way dh has earned the right to have his vacation when he wants them and will NOT compramise with that little twit, he thinks because he has mental issues that gives him the right to overlord with everyone and this time is NOT happening. my dh needs to have the 6 weeks off in a row he wants it and he has earned it and there is no way we are giving in on this. if his boss says different then there is going to be hell to pay and they will be sorry because of this. discrimitation alone would get them. i understand what your saying but its my dh right to have this time he has earned it not the twit i am more pissed off than he is and i refuse to allow them to cause him more stress he Will GET HIS 6 WEEKS course will drive me nuts but he deserves this time to unwind and they damn well better give it to him i cant wait to see your roses, i am going to be adding more i took today of some different ones very pretty and smells sooo good talk to ya soon hugs

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