Wednesday, March 4, 2009

good morning my friends, life here has been very hectic i am so so so ready for spring to come. i feel like i have been stuck on a roller coaster that will just not quit i swear if things don't change very soon i am going to have a nervous breakdown. you would think people who work in health care would want to do whats best for the patient. its like this monday dad was scheduled to have a ct scan, he had to drink that barium crap and then hold that crud inside him long enough to have the ct scan so he drank the one on monday and then we went out there , its right in his records that he is allergic to idodine and that he itches from it. his doc said benadryl was fine no need for predisone, so dad took that but when we got out there the idiots said he could not have it cause they were not aware of his allergy. so he drank that crap for nothing. then to top it all off we had to reschedule for yesterday. the parking there is horrid. i hurt so bad from walking up the ramp and stairs which i almost had a heart attack climbing not once or twice but at least 8 times between the 2 days we were there. then i had to rechedule all his other appointments and now on top of it all my tooth is going bad again and i guess am going to have to have the bastard pulled but i sure as hell don;t know when and to be honest with you i am afraid to do it i know the last time i had a tooth pulled i suffered for over 3 weeks cause i got a dry socket. then to add my back and neck pain i don't think i can deal with it. then to top it all off the cost of it will kill my ins for the year and i have so many other teeth i need fixed, it plain sucks, some days i want to just step right up to a cliff and see if i can fly, not that i would but omg some days anyways now i feel better NOT life still sucks but i am plunging forward for dad everyone else who has a smart ass comment can shove it sideways bye ya all love ME hehe

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Kari said...

*hugs* I love ya. Praying for things to get better for you.

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