Friday, March 6, 2009

omg some people are total idiots

ok now i know alot of people know me from the old forum i belonged to for many years so i am sure some of you all read my blog too i hope so anyways, this has nothing to do with that site at all but about a member there who is out of control, i have a dear friend who is going through some hard hard times and she posted a request for prayers for her dh as well as her self and the kids, well this woman took a innocent request for some compassion and made a total ass out of herself. she actually told my friend that she was sure that the reason my friends hubby is on leave from a job was that because of his illness his bosses and doctors could not let him continue to work, then she proceeds to tell her that the reason for it was that alot of people who suffer from the illness her hubby has are murderers and that there was no way his superiours could allow him to stay , this woman has in past also made several comments about other situations, honestly i think she has some serious mental issues herself as she seems to think she is above all and offers misguided advice to alot of people, when we were posting on this site about our chronic pain she actually said we were a bunch of whiny people who basicly should put there big girl panties on and deal with life, but this sooooo is out of line i hope my friend sues for slander she has grounds. outrageous totally nutcase . hang in there darling she is a whacko not your dh . i know its hard but don;t let her get to you she isn;t worth your time love you sweetie

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Pam said...

Hi Vicki,

Hey pass along to your friend my prayer's ok. I tried to find the thread talked abt but couldn't, don't know if I am just missing it or if it has been pulled.

Yes, that woman whom your are speaking abt has some issues going on.

I'm sorry I have missed so much of the last few days on the "forum" as I have been busy with trying to get a cradle purse and doll dress done. My MIL has made sales for me in her Assisted Living home so I haven't been on the "forum".

Sure wish I could have read what was going on.

Hugs to you! Take Care

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